here are some books that i think everyone would benefit from reading. i recommend these non-stop.

1)the cross centered life by CJ Mahaney

this is a tiny book. like you can read it in one sitting. but it has changed the way i view myself and the cross as well as my sin. it really makes you examine deeper things going on in your heart and calls us to meaningful repentance which leads to LASTING change.

read this. re-read this. think about it. then read it again. that good.

2)a gospel primer for christians by milton vincent

again, this is a super small book. it might take you a couple days to read through this. because every line is packed with something incredible. every single line. i'm not exaggerating.

i love this because it seems really simple...the concepts in it, but when i read it, the gospel became alive to me again.

read and re-read. forever. just over and over. great framework to have as a follower of christ. if you feel like the Gospel is bland to you or has lost it's UMPH, read this.
or if you aren't a christian and you're wondering what it's all about. this is for you.

3)redemption by mike wilkerson

if you've been through abuse of any sort or if you struggle with addictions or someone close to you does, read this book. it's pretty incredible and changed the way i view addictions and any sort of suffering. i think we need that framework with so much suffering going on around us. if you ever find yourself asking...why is this happening in the world?! why did this happen to me? why did i suffer so greatly? then this is for you.

4) shepherding a child's heart by ted tripp
if you're a parent. if you want to be a parent. read this.

5)instruments in the redeemers hands by paul david tripp

if you find yourself in any sort of advice giving role...if you are a counselor/therapist, if you have any influence with your friends and family, this book is insanely helpful as a guide through what gospel centered counsel and advice should look like. and let's face it, we are constantly influencing one another with our words and actions.

6) the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd-jones

this is a great place to start. even if you're an adult....seriously, i cry when i read the stories. unlike any other kid's bible, this bible links everything back to Jesus. even the old testament stories. i have learned so much from this just from reading it to my kids!


  1. Hello Jami!!!! :) How are you??? I am going to try and condense this as much as I can! I have never been to your website (until today), but I have been following you on Instagram for a little while. I came across your feed via your modesty Tuesdays (I can't remember what they're called :/), and I have been a big fan ever since!!!!! :) I was immediately drawn to your love for the gospel, humor, love of your family, etc., etc. I feel like we are VERY similar, and even more so now that I have read your "about us" page. My husband and I have weathered are share of suffering and have grown more in love with our Savior through each of those trials!!! I wouldn't trade our circumstances for anything knowing how God has orchestrated each one to shift our focus more on HIM!!!!!! :) AND, your recommended books page is like straight out of my brain!!!! :) I realize I should stop right now to say that I promise I am not a creepster stalker...I barely have time to keep up with my own life, much less the lives of people online, but I had an idea today and you were the first person I thought of...weird, I know!!! :) So, I just had a baby 7 weeks ago...I'm one of those photographer moms (I know, I know), but I am not doing anymore weddings until October due to nursing a baby. Because of that, my blog has been somewhat inactive, so today I thought I might like to do some short posts featuring my favorite instagram feeds. Most of my IG followers are moms in the same season as me with NO internet presence, so they really don't have any means to find people they might like to follow on IG. I would love to do a short blog post about your feed, because I think a lot of my friends/followers would find it encouraging. I am sure you are not in need of any new followers, and I don't have much of a following, so you would probably only get a few from my post, but mostly I just wanted to use it as a means to highlight someone else who might be used to encourage or inspire other moms who are passionate about the gospel and their families. If this sounds super weird and you are not interested AT ALL, I would totally understand. Here is a link to my blog, just so you know I'm you think it might be ok for me to proceed, here is my e-mail Thanks so much Jami!!!!! :) I hope y'all are having a lovely week!!!!! :) P.S. I'm from South Carolina.

    1. i am just now seeing this! agh. do what you want! :) you don't need my permission. you sweet thing.


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