about us

hi, i'm jami nato. one thing you should know about me is that i cuss sometimes. but i really love Jesus. i don't pretend to have it all together and we never will because we can't! that's why we need a savior.

you should know, we've been through some things: miscarriage, affair, special needs kid...heartache. it hasn't been easy. but even in that, i know that God is insanely kind and good to us even in our suffering. our hope is not in our circumstances or how happy we are, but in God. this gives us a perspective that shapes everything we do and how we deal with our suffering.

so meet my family.

this is nato, my hot asian husband. love of my life. he has simultaneously brought me the most pain and the most joy in my life. i wouldn't want it any other way, because through him, i saw Jesus.

this is layne. firstborn. awesomeness. sheriff. rule follower. he reminds me to pack his lunch and sign his homework every morning. talks a lot. where does he get that from?

lila. oh my word. hilarious. the most joyful child you've ever met. she is special needs, but we don't have a label for her. regardless, she's a gift to this family and to the world. she currently has a pixie cut due to a rogue nap time activity.

this is penelope. wants to be heard. a lot. she's a gift to this family that we all certainly don't deserve. if the world ever needed sass or possibly another actress. you're welcome.

and this is the last of the Mohicans. pruett. our little chubster.

if you want to see more about our marriage story, you can watch these incredible videos made by some incredibly talented people!

Redemption Stories | The Natos from Redeemer Fellowship on Vimeo.

and this:

the nato's' : a don't give up story. from WE ARE THE PARSONS on Vimeo.