Thursday, December 18, 2014

christmas card pictures. hipster style.

every year, i theme up our pictures like the nerd mom i am. this year, as an ode to the city from which we moved, i decided we should be hipsters. 
we will begin by documenting the one hour ever in his life that Pruett decided to NOT smile. i almost spanked him for that but then i looked at his fatness and decided he will probably never in his years see the back end of a paddle. also, old man cardigans for president. 

here is my teenager son, layne. wait, he's 8. but he just looks so old. he let me make him wear an itchy scarf indoors (hipsters are ALWAYS wearing scarfs inside) and for that, i told him i would overlook one future sneaking out when he's 16. 

lila wore a fur hat because. i don't know. it just seemed right/she cut her hair and it's growing out awful. and penelope is just a cute little mouse and that goes with any style. i love giving her tiny cappuccinos (pronounced, kap-uh-keen-ohs) to make sure she is ready for the day of making my life a living hell with her current addiction to tantrums. don't tell anyone i said that. 

 here we all are enjoying our coffee together with mostly not-super-happy-faces. which honestly, is so hipster. a touch emo...but in all the right ways. and then plaid. if you're not wearing plaid, GET.OUT. OF. THIS. COFFEE. SHOP.  i don't wear glasses, but then again, most hipsters don't either. they've all had lasik surgery, but they saw a cute pair of frames at madewell. and...end of story.
have you been to oddly correct in kansas city? well, then get outta m'face. you would love it. the people  and the atmosphere are fantastic. not to mention the coffee is from the Lord. so i hear-- from everyone who has a mouth. i don't drink coffee but i admire those that do. 

this last picture just makes me laugh. sucker bribes(what? i do not bribe my kids with candy!) and lila doing a super hero pose. "mah. look. i supuh lady." 
 thanks audrey at BAKERBAKERphoto for capturing this goodness. 

as much as this year has kicked my ass, it has also been very rich. somehow as december drags on, and i think i can't do one more day because i'm afraid of the sadness that it will bring, i remember that God came down down in all the grief and promises to make everything new and right and just as it should be. for that, i am able to look through the misty eyes that freeze in the bitter,biting wind and say, He has not forsaken me. 
on that super emo thought, i do hope for peace and joy for you and your families. merry christmas!


  1. You. Are. Hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh on a Thursday morning. Merry Christmas!

  2. SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU ON IG!! You write the things I only dream of your transparency, if only more people were like you☺️ ps: don't ever go away!

  3. I just love you and your family. Some day we will see you again. Until then I will just be your internet/Instagram stalker

  4. Oh my goodness. This made me smile so hard. Old Man Sweater. YES. Plaid comment. Big fat double yes.
    Your fam is so hipster. I just can't take it anymore. :)

    1. Also, have you ever seen this? She makes costumes for her kids from movies she loves...this one made me think of one of your past christmas card themes.

  5. your the best. end of story.

    & I absolutely LOVE your Christmas cards!!

  6. Love the hipster family. Awesome.
    I was where you are last year. It had been a hard year. We had to move and nothing was certain until we got the keys to our new home on Christmas Eve. Crappiest escrow ever. I was already homesick in our old house, transformed by a sea of boxes. I couldn't even decorate for Christmas. Then I had three days of bliss. I discovered I was somehow miraculously pregnant (Mary did you know?). I kept it a secret to surprise everyone on Christmas Day. Then I miscarried. Everything seemed too hard. The kids' special needs. The piles of laundry. The sippy cups full of moldy cheese. The bickering.
    I'm not going to lie, it sucked. And I had a shitastic attitude through most of it. But I came out clinging to Jesus. Which means I got the gold out of my valley of the shadow. Hang in there. This year is much much better.

  7. i saw your card when i was at emily's. i could not figure out why you looked so different but now i know. it was the glasses. you sneaky mom.

  8. dont drink coffee? crazy. just crazy.

  9. I love you.. I want to take you out for coffee... pay a sitter for you, for the day & just listen to you talk... but you don't drink coffee??? WHAT?? but you could do a chai or something cool that hipsters drink these days..
    Seriously, I quit reading blogs, but tonight just for the hey of it, I looked & there you are with your cool Christmas card... SOooo... I went back a few posts to read what you have been up to & I stopped, went & got a new notebook & wrote down some of your quotes.... my Jami Nato book... (I have been reading for like 2 hrs. :)
    I love your heart, I admire your wisdom, I appreciate that you share your pain that helps to heal me... you are a gift & I hope that those that do sit across that table from you, tell you that all of the time....
    Merry Christmas!! Happy Birthday Jesus!

  10. As usual, loved the post Jami!! Your pictures are super cute, and I giggled the entire way through the commentary!! love!!

  11. love these pictures! and Oddly, of course.

  12. dying from laughter over here!

    beautiful images ...


  13. you are hilarious, and no matter what your posts are about i am always smiling by the end! is oddly correct related to quay coffee at all? i had been dying to try both of them but i've only made it to quay so far and they had some oddly correct signage there, so i was curious. in any case, they served me my iced americano in a mason jar so i was in love. i'll have to try oddly soon!

  14. These are awesome! I love that you have fun with Christmas cards! And, that baby, Pruett, & all his chubbiness makes me want another!


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