Thursday, December 4, 2014

$900 bundle GIVEAWAY!

once a year, i like to go big or go home. so, we're giving away over 900$ worth of prizes and WINNER TAKES ALL. here's what you could win. 
a $20 credit for a sweet print from mary dean draws. like, are you kidding me. this little creature is the best.

are you having trouble seeing that print? maybe you need a free pair of glasses of our friends at firmoo. this includes the frames and the prescription lens!

after all that using your eyes, you'll need a nap. 
and a weighted blanket from cotton and laden that we are obsessed with. it is perfect for a tiny squirming babe to help them feel grounded and secure. 

and then there's this drool worthy bag from better life bags. DROOL WORTHY. 

do you know about this company? "We hire women, who otherwise could not work, to work for us.  We pay them a living wage (20-25% of the total retail price) and watch them gain dignity, honor, and respect."
incredible. and adorable. 

and you'll need a couple of downloads from this create4good shop. these are sooooo cute. 

and when you have a few prints, you need more prints to go with them. now, everything from jones design company is the cutest. actually everything she crafts, decorates, and wears is way too cute. just go look. she's giving a $50 credit to her shop. the advent prints are m'fave!

now how about you go clean your house. jay kay. but seriously. here's an gift card $50!

ok, speaking of getting clean. how cute is this puj snug spout cover? it keeps your kiddos from bumping their little noggin on the spout!

what about a sweet little outfit from kissy kissy? this is literally the softest fabric i have ever put on little pruett. like i want this to be full size for me. and the quality is so great. please never grow out of this, my child. 

since we're discussing a baby on a sheepskin rug...would you like one? 
the good people at handmade in podhale are giving one away!! you can find them on Facebook as well. 
we are obsessed with sheepskin. i bet you are too... sheepskin for president.

and have you jumped on the essential oils train? well if you have and just want an extra kit, or haven't and want to test them out, here's your chance. the oil collective is giving a whole PREMIUM STARTER KIT away!
the retail value of this is $280, people!!

how about your choice of a super cute pillow cover from PoppyMae?
check out her cute prints as well!

have you seen these amazing banners from sharp tooth studio? i want every single one she makes. enjoy a $60 credit to her shop!

would you like some of the happiest jewelry on the planet? then wifeysinger is your gal. choose 2 in stock items!

also, there's a coupon code out for her shop: holiday15 for 15%off

after all this getting, you're going to need to re center yourself. come back to earth. spend some time with the Lord. so how about a set of she reads truth 8X10 scripture memory cards! this is basically like getting a million amazing prints in the mail. who can even resist these designs? i adore them. and are you following their advent devotional....amaze.

while you're getting your read on, enjoy this magical book bundle from author jessica thompson! 
1)exploring grace together
2)answering your kids toughest questions 
3)give them grace
4) good news for weary women, 

these books will change your life by they way. 
read them.

ok, friends. here is the giveaway pic to repost for a couple of entries below. i can not wait to see who gets this awesome stuff!
use #900bundle
and enter in the little grey box below, not with comments on this blog.

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  1. Booyeah. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. oh my goodness! isn't this just the most blissful bundle of goodies! fingers crossed!

  3. Holy shnikes. This is amazing.

  4. I hope I filled it out properly! I did all of the things, but for the insta sections I just provided my insta name and for the etsy sections I provided links to my etsy account and/or links to my favorite shops on etsy. Hope it works! This is an AMAZING giveaway!

  5. I did all the things (except for the tweeting) but now I'm thinking I didn't fill these out right. Was I supposed to put links to my insta, etsy and pinterest accounts in the gray boxes??? #nottechsavvy

    1. you just click the boxes that say you did. you're fine

  6. i'm a little confused too on what to enter into the boxes.

  7. Wowza!! This is an awesome giveaway! :) thanks!

  8. will actually weep if i don't win.

  9. were we supposed to fill in the spaces with #900bundle or our account names? so excited and so and embarrassed that I don't know

  10. the Rise and Shine sign is the kicker for me. I have sung that song to all of my babies, and now when I sing it to my son he shakes his head no and says "uh uh"

  11. such an awesome giveaway!! and so happy to have found your blog!

  12. What an absolutely amazing give-away!

  13. What a wonderful gift package for a mama. Thank you for the chance to win!

  14. Fabulous giveaway!!!! Would especially love the YL oils!

  15. Jess G. wouldn't by any chance be Jessica Gulbranson, would it? Because that would be awesome.


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