Friday, October 17, 2014

jami nato's craft room

i put my name in the title because it's mine. only mine. no children may enter through these doors, in fact, i'm buying a lock for it and i'm not even kidding about it. double in fact, i'm writing about the craft room from the craft room. which is much like taking a picture, of a picture, of a picture in mirrors.

jay kay. i am not high. just excited to have my own space where there's no snot or spit up to be found.

so. there's this little room off the master. i believe these were called "sitting rooms" in the 80's but i'm not sure what they're supposed to be for. OHHHHH, sitting romantically together talking back and forth over magazines and spiked hot chocolate while you laugh about your day.

um. no.
we have a sitting room and it's called, every other room in the house.

at first i wanted to make it a laundry room/craft room. but my husband was adamant about this just being my space(because he's amazing). and luckily, i found a different space upstairs for  just the laundry...stay tuned. like stay tuned for a year because we need to save some monies first because i just spent it all at ikea this last week.

anyway, here she is before we moved in:
and after

the desk is 2 shelves from ikea with one of their countertops on top. i wanted it to be really long so i could get my craft on.

my desk chair is a side table from target with some ikea fur thrown on top. i don't need a comfy office chair because i have a couch in there. this chair is for not falling asleep. the couch is for falling asleep and pretending i'm working. 

could not resist gold and black pencils with little sayings on them. target does me so wrong and so right all at the same time. 

why yes, that is a jewelry hanger i bought at target on clearance for $5 that i spray painted gold. 

these nate berkaus shears are changing my life. so wonderful. worth the $16.
the oversized paperclips are his too. i had to resist buying all of his office line because i'm not a millionaire. 

i do have a little bulletin board area that's nothing crazy. i hung them with brass tacks. i love that it's simple.

now turning to the other wall, more shelving. because MORE SHELVES!
and this little settee i found on the side of the road. people be crazy.

all the black cubby bins are from ikea too. surprise. you can't beat $3.99.

the bottom baskets are my "project baskets". instead of piles, i make for parties i'm throwing or crafts i'm doing, i'll throw them in baskets and call it organized. 

the numbers are from the ikea gift section. i decided to do numbers because i don't have to label my stuff... i'm the only one that uses them. i know what's in them because i made them and they are my sheep. wait. biblical analogy gone wrong. 
like i was saying, for instance, number three has all the " keep stuff together things" in it. glue, tape, stickers, staplers. etc. 
and so on and so forth.
i forget what the other numbers are but i'll make a key and tape it to my desk.

i made this little print. is it just me or is dirty dancing far too inspiring. why does it give me goosebumps every time they do their last dance? i feel like i can change the world after i watch the scene. 
you guys can print it out's my file. you're welcome. go change the world.

the rug is from costco. and it's changing my feet's life. where are my toes? they're eaten by fur. yes please. 

the ottoman is from target clearance for $20. 
it was this:
turned this

a little spray paint, and some indoor outdoor fabric i already had, and i love it so much.

(the floors are white wood. the entire master is this sort of just looks like bare wood with a slight whitewash. the rest of the house is dark hardwoods...but i felt like i could get away with something crazy in the master. if i get sick of the trend, we can always stain it darker)

i spent $900 on all the shelving, accessories, and rugs. i already owned the mirror, and the couch and some of the accessories. and i went ahead and stole things from around the house to make it complete. 

 the whole room is simple and visually unstimulating in most ways. i need the house to be quiet for now. don't get me wrong,  i really love pattern and color-- so this was a real stretch for me to tone it down. but i know i need this space to be a retreat where i can think. plan. rest. create. there are so many cute and colorful craft spaces and i would craft in them any day! for my own home, i'm enjoying simple and quiet decor. maybe during each season i can add different pops of color or some crazy artwork over the couch. the great thing about neutrals is that you can add that stuff over time...but the base always stays the same.
white on white on white FOREVERRRRRR.

(paint color: snowbound, sherwin williams)

target clearance hack


  1. I LOVE this room and basically want to live in it. Did you happen to follow a tutorial for reupholstering the ottoman? It's beautiful.

    1. no, it was so easy though. i just folded it under and stapled. you can do this.

  2. love this!! we are finishing our basement. we are making it one big family room and play room. and instead of making the space that should be a bathroom a bathroom we are making it my craft room. it is a little more on the dark side (there isn't a window) but i am so excited to have a space for me and all my crafty junk. it will be so good.

  3. um, is this a dream?! amazing.

  4. You are SOOOO creative! and hilarious!! Just loved this post, and was inspired!!! Keep posting the hacks…my brain isn't as creative!! xoxo

  5. I love that you share stuff (like that print). Sharing is caring.

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  7. Nice! I love it all! Where are your wire baskets from?

    1. Yes please tell! I'm looking for the same kind!

  8. I'm so glad you have a Don Draper "work" couch. (I cannot believe it was orphaned???)

  9. drooool. you need to sell your interior design skillz, like thats your real calling in like!

    1. bahaha. spending other people's money. yes please.

  10. Reading this makes me miss you. And mad that I can't come over and invade your space. I don't spit or slobber. xox

  11. ummm job well done!! i went to ikea for the first time a month life is changed!

  12. You have such a knack for this. And the free couchy thing? Mercy.

  13. Ahhh! I adore this space. White is one of my love languages. And recently, I have found myself wishing my beautiful dark hardwood floors were much lighter.

    1. well keep them dark if you're planning to sell! we certainly are not. ha. staying put for a long while. :)

    2. Living in Johnson County, I would definitely keep them dark...IF we were planning to sell. Fortunately, we're in our forever home! Unless the Lord has other plans, of course. :) I feel obligated to keep them dark, though, since we just had them installed four years ago. Oh well...they do cover a multitude of sins/dirt.

  14. i'm coming over to see this.

  15. "side of the road" ??? WHAT?? It is fabulous!
    And the room, that is FABULOUS as well.....
    Well, done, Very well done!!
    (& I laughed out loud to your reply on Ikea... "The Lord lives there ) You always delight my heart : )

    1. you are so encouraging. but seriously, does he not reside in that goodness??

  16. We have a retreat/sitting room off of our bedroom, and at first we were like this should be our office. Now I'm like, this needs to be my craft room. I covet, I'm a work in progress. Lord help me!


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