Wednesday, October 15, 2014

free halloween tote from & stroller review

ok a couple of things.
if you are a new or old bundle subscriber at, make sure you get your free glow in the dark halloween tote using code HALLOWEEN2014 this month.

the other thing is, i purchased the stroller from there and am loving it. they are not paying me to say this, by the way. 
we didn't need our larger double stroller anymore and was looking for something more compact. plus we ruined the wheels on our old one. i'm not a jogger, but i do walk a lot. with that said, this isn't for if you're an avid runner, get something more hardcore!
what i do love about the stroller is the huge canopy it has on it. and the adjustable handle bar. and how easy it is to fold up. you literally pull a handle on the seat and it pulls itself into a compact situation for the trunk.
and it's really cute. ha. i know...not important. 

the other thing the kids love is the immunity boost in the vitamin section. we put 1/4 teaspoon in their applesauce and it turns it pink...which everyone goes nuts for and think tastes good.  i don't know about you, but with all the weird viruses flying around, we're trying to stay healthy using all the methods we can. 

and new this month, which i'm excited to try in my bundle is the air and fabric refresher. chemical free...yes please. you know i'll be adding a little essential oil in there because i'm obsessed. ha. 

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