Friday, August 1, 2014

welcome, pruett james

it's 4 am and i should be sleeping right now, but i can't. i guess the insomnia, even though exhausted, will continue of a bit longer.
there are lots of things going on in my brain right now, and i don't know if it's hormones or just normal, but i swing from complete joy to overwhelming thoughts of oh myyyyy word, how do i do four kids?

i sent pruett to hang with the nurse for a bit, so i'm hands free and thought writing would help maybe. i'll tell you about his birth and maybe reliving the thought of how he came to be will make me really tired.

i showed up almost an hour late for my induction because. i don't know. it's my fourth and i was like, oops. sorry guys...not a morning person. so around 8 they do my IV and set me up on pitocin. everyone hates pit, but i love it because it makes me have a baby really quick. when the contractions started getting uncomfortable around 9:30, we sent for the magical epidural.

this is where it gets tricky because epidurals make me a bit nauseous and i'm such a baby with needles and blood and--you'd think by now i could handle all this. so of course my blood pressure gets really low and i want to puke. i'm sweating. and it's only working on one side. i think i might faint...

but within 20 minutes they gave me some meds...
and put me on my side. the epi was working great. i felt much better...magical even.  so we waited and i sort of napped off and on while my body was doing some crazy hard work. who invented epidurals? let's make out. what?

also, i told my family not to come up to the hospital. i don't love crowds or chaos and i knew that would come later with visitors anyway. there's something great about just sharing that moment with the one that got you into this pickle in the first place.

my doctor broke my water at 10 and although i normally progress super fast, my body was taking it's sweet time. i was completely content with this as i was riding the magic carpet ride of an epidural. i got to a 5 at noon and i told my husband, my body usually turns into a machine at this point. 

a little before 1, my nurse checked me again and was like, umm, don't move. 
my doctor rushed into the room a couple minutes later.
give me a push.
one more...
no stop!
here he is!

he truly fell out. which goes to show that my lady parts need to retire.
but, no tearing, no stitches...praise Him!

of course i cried.
that little human has been inside of me growing and i've been loving something i've never seen.
 and now i really get to meet him.
i kept staring at him, he looks so different than i thought he would. i guess i was expecting another little layne twin, but he's his own person.

now, he's been loud when he doesn't like something and super aggressive while eating (i.e. my poor nipples). Lord, please let my milk come in...before this little guy destroys me.
but i guess if you're going to be the last of four, these are qualities you'd want to have.

and tomorrow reality hits when we go home.
(lila was not into the baby! and this photo will be hung on a wall it makes me laugh so hard)
(she eventually warmed up to the idea of pruett joining our family)

and since we're talking reality, glad to be going home with this man. i will never get over the fact that our family should've been destroyed, but instead gets added too. how crazy is God?


pruett james
7lbs 5 oz
18.5 inches long
july 30, 2014


  1. congratulations!! such a beautiful blessing

  2. This makes me cry. God is amazing. Congrats - he's perfect!

  3. As a girl who's MIL beat her to the hospital last time, bless your sweet family for giving you & Nato that alone time- praise Jesus for c-sections or my hubby & I would literally need armed guards at the door of our childrens' births ;).
    I adore that sweet family photo of Lila flustered- it so beautifully depicts each one's emotions. I agree- hang that up BIG somewhere:)!!
    & Congratulations- I don't really even know you, but I feel this crazy "heck yes!" at the victory The Lord has displayed in your marriage. He is so so so very good to us!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations on another little one. Four is hard, yes. But so was one, two, and three. Somehow God gives us the grace and the ability to grow into the increased number of people to care for and love. He will uphold you. (And your nipples, and your ready to retire lady parts. Ha!)

  5. Congratulations - he is beautiful...look at that last picture he still knows all the secrets all babies do - tons of blessings

  6. congrats! and I luv that pix!

  7. I love this so much. And you. And your family. And all that God has done and is doing. And that baby is ADORABLE, which is good, because since I love you so much, it could have been awkward if your baby was less cute and more...unique?

  8. Well he's just sweet. And even nicer for not tearing anything on the way out! Also, I'm partial to families with four kids since that's what I grew up in. You can do it! When you need a playdate (ie. an extra set of hands) give me a call!

  9. congrats on the new little guy. cutie kid. and i love lila's overly uninterested expression. hilarious.

  10. congrats! what a beautiful baby boy and smooth birth story, yay!!

  11. He is just perfect. As is that picture of Lila! Definitely a framer. :) Congratulations on the baby and the retirement of your lady parts. Enjoy this time, mama!

  12. Lila! I die. After I had my first I had a shirt that read "I <3 Epidurals". It was a thing of beauty. Glad you had a relatively good experience expelling your darling from your lady garden. And welcome Pruett James!! He's gorgeous.

  13. God is so good. Redemption rocks:). Enjoy these sweet baby days! My #4 is now 7 and, well, I may never let him grow up. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  14. Jami, this made me tear up. I felt your joy, exhaustion, fear and my teeth clenched and shoulders rose to my ears when you talked about your nipples and waiting for your milk to come through. This a beautifully honest post of post birth and the rollercoster of emotions that those hormones take you on. Will be praying for you over these next 8 weeks as you find your new groove as a family of 6. He is simply gorgeous!

  15. Beautifully written. Praying that you get sleep before you go home!!!! cathy

  16. Jami, so amazing, congratulations

  17. Such a miracle. Congratulations

  18. I am so glad casey w showed me you about 2 years ago (I'm still having issues with the whole loving my husband bit if marriage ;) so congrats on this 4th perfect god given miracle & thank you for sharing your sweet story & messy, beautiful life here for us all to relate to.

  19. Congrats! I have four (Asian-Caucasian) kids too. My 4th and final is 11 months old. He too is a squawker! There is never any doubt about what he wants. What is this?! I had told him my entire pregnancy that he needed to be calm and quiet since he was the fourth. Haha! We have a similar name pattern as you too. I hope the adjustment does well for everyone!

  20. Beautiful birth story. He is so darling. Congratulations!! This definitely makes me look forward to my third arriving in January. New babies are so intoxicating!

  21. He's lovely. Praising God for families that are added to instead of destroyed!

  22. Congratulations - what a cutie! Praying a smooth transition for you guys!

  23. he's beautiful! congrats friend!

  24. Oh How I Love this...... Congratulations to the entire Nato Family!! & Welcome to the world Baby Pruett!!
    This made me cry & smile this morning... What a delightful & Joy-filled post.
    God, the great Redeemer, healer, re-builder makes such beauty from ashes, it makes me weep. I think so often of your words from a while back... " so that I may know Him more... for His Glory"
    God bless baby Pruett as he adds to that Beauty & Glory....

    ( & I predict that Lila is going to love on Pruett like no one else : )

  25. Congrats! He is so incredibly handsome, but that isn't surprising. You make pretty babies. We had a baby boy in May. I cried reading this - the emotions all came back. My body is also a machine on Pitocin - start to finish 7 hours with the first, 6 with the second. Epidurals all the way! Cue Jersey Shore fist pumping.

  26. I love this! I can totally relate to so much of it. When I was in the hospital trying to stop labor (because my body knows I have giant children and pretty much gives up at 34-36 weeks) the nurse was have the cervix of a woman who has clearly had a few babies. hahaha! Such diplomacy. And even though my 3rd isn't with me my 4th still acts like a 4th she's been a fireball but so worth it. Oh and Tim wouldn't even touch her for the first several months. Now they are basically bff's she even has her own special nickname for him which basically sounds like "bwibwo" but he know's who she's calling. It's been really good for him to have her around. I'm praying that Pruett is the same for Lila. maybe theres a special even number child connection lol

  27. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful birth story! I'm just checking in from china- we actually left home/ks July 30th to add our 4th baby, thru adoption. We got her on the 4th... Very different "newborn" kind of stage but reminds me a lot of it in many ways... Blessings as you grow into the joy and chaos of being a family of 6! ;) -Nancy


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