Thursday, August 14, 2014

first day of school. where i act like i'm sad.

today we sent the kids to school.
this after i was up all night with a newborn.
i could write a sentimental post, but listen, they're in a better place. i.e. mom is a crazy lady who doesn't sleep and acts bipolar for sure.

this is literally how i feel inside. as seen in a terrible you tube video of an orangutan dancing. i actually heard this same music as we pulled up to the school.

(layne's hair =lloyd christmas)

child: mom, why are you eating cupcakes for breakfast? and is that your second?

me: guys. quit being so observant. eat your bland cereal and be thankful.

so basically, we got to school. spent way too much time in lila's kindergarten class with all the other excited/sentimental/pretend sentimental parents. and lila told me to leave, so whatever. i left. after i showed her her desk and asked her if she wanted to join the other kiddos playing legos on the floor. she said no. she just wanted to unpack her school supplies and then went over to the teacher's desk where she found a cup of markers.

you should have seen her face. she was in heaven. ALL THESE MARKERS, mom!
that's when i knew she would be ok. i told the teacher, hey...she found your markers. you might want to watch out for that one. 
(should have shown her pictures of all the lampshades, walls, couches, lila's "arted" all over.)

then chuckled awkwardly /slightly evil-ish as i left. i was not sad. lila was not sad. this is going to be a good year for her with lots of things i can't give her at home.

for instance, attention. minor detail of parenting.

reference this picture if you don't believe me: it's a known fact no child takes you seriously when you try and parent while nursing. they laugh in your face.
winter garb in the summer. 

anyway, of course we were late getting to layne's classroom and we literally shoved him in the door. he looked back with anxiety on his face. i whisper yelled, it's going to be fine, buddy. , i mouthed 3rd grade! with one hand in the air cheering and through the little window in the door.

i'm sorry. it's all i got right now, layne.

penelope will go to preschool in a couple weeks and i'm wondering if there's a newborn preschool. PRE pre school. jay kay. i love having pruett all to myself. and even penelope. i haven't been able to really spend a lot of one on one time with her either. yay to a year of firsts for this family! (that was my pathetic cheer). at least we're doing it together.

alllll six of us.

ok giant parenthetical statement coming up:

( i feel like i should reference for memories sake, last night we went out-- without any kids...even Pruett, for my birthday. we have awkward proof.

and the kids and hubs got me cards that were so sweet.
and i won't remember any of it because i don't sleep and everything is a blur.
so this makes it real. this happened, tired self! )


  1. You are making me second guess all my life decisions. Ok, just one. Homeschooling. Am I a masochist? What the ever loving heck? I miss the whole dropping kids off at school, quiet with a newborn days. Now I'm going to have a newborn come November and three older kids that I'll lie to and say Of course watching How It's Made counts as science. We're not even going to talk about what the two-year-old is doing. Suffice it to say, I may have asked my husband to build me a time out bench for the schoolroom.

    1. I thought the exact same thing! Granted, my only child is still 2, but I have always pictured myself homeschooling. Now I'm not so sure...

  2. his is great. Lola is still pre-K but I've always thought school was great for her AND me. also, how's the new his is great. Lola is still pre-K but I've always thought school was great for her AND me. also, how's the new school district? and can we get an update on Lilas potty habits? (weird request? yes. But I'm curious how or if she learned and what finally made it click.) district? and can we get an update on Lilas potty habits? (weird request? yes. But I'm curious how or if she learned and what finally made it click.)

  3. I loved the orangutan also your spelling of orangutan because I love you ;) We are sending Logan to school next year instead of homeschooling because we need to. I have to keep Homeschooling Timothy but I keep second guessing that one. I wish there was anything for SN kids here. Theres not even a dr. They have one that comes once a month and is booked months in advance. sigh hoping you can get a nap soon. Because I've lived there for the last year or so. Even if you have easy children the one who won't sleep makes you feel like a maniac

  4. Oh my Are. FUNNY! I'm new around here, so I'm just now discovering this. This entire post cracks me UP. I've read it probably eight times now. Lloyd Christmas = HILARIOUS! Actually, all of it. All of it is just HILARIOUS. Maybe it all resonates a little too much with me. And I have only two kids! Sigh. First day of school. Where I act like I'm sad. Bahahaha! More, please!

  5. This is how I plan to have kids. No new babies until the older ones can go off to school. Enjoy your days!

  6. I love this :) I hope you're getting some precious sleep!

  7. I absolutely love your honesty. what a have no idea how appreciated and refreshing it is.

  8. Speaking of permanent markers, if you weren't already aware of this tidbit of information, it's quite ironic that you show a picture of the winter garb. I forgot to tell on little Lila last week: she dons the pink, puffy coat whenever she's alone and feeling sneaky, because the right pocket is a secret hiding spot for "Mommy's mawkuhs". There...I tattled. What can I say? Once a firstborn, always a firstborn.

  9. you're hilarious lady..thanks for the laughs. that pic of your little girl with the hot pink jacket on- my evee does this all the time. why do i notice it only as we head out the door????? momma mush brain. such a gross sounding phrase, but so freaking true.

  10. Thank you!!! I'm never sad about sending my babes off to school and preschool! They're all like, "bye Mom!" and I'm all like, "check ya later"!! They love going and thrive there! What's to be sad about?! I'm now more sane and they reap the benefits of my sanity. Hallelujah and Amen.


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