Tuesday, August 12, 2014

er'day life

having a newborn around is truly crazy town. i mean, a blessing. that's what i meant...it's a blessing.
and it is. it's also nuts.
(sure. wear your brothers tank top today. don't care.)

of course, when we methodically planned all this having a baby stuff out (fine, we didn't plan it out. it was a really long winter?), we didn't take into account the sleepless nights, the other kiddos schedules, being places on time... like school. why can't schools give you an hour window in which to drop the kids off. anytime between 8am and 9am is great! we know you're nursing a baby, who has no schedule and that he will probably poop out of his onesie when you're walking out the door to come here with your 3 other kids...that you had to dress with real clothes.
(hi, little bald eagle)

me for president.
that would create world peace, i'm sure of it. well that, and naps. i'm very convinced that most people are mean because they just needed a nap. these are the deep thoughts i ponder throughout the day. you're welcome.
(i decided layne should do some summer spelling review work before he goes back to school. on thursday. oops.)

so i have been wanting to use my normal camera...not the iPhone, to capture some every day life. now that we're stuck in the house (i.e. i'm too scared to take all 4 out at the same time), it seems like a perfect time to start back to documenting life.
(a gentle binky shove never hurt anyone)

not pictured is me being mean in the early morning. i am so rude to the kids when i wake up. but i'm hoping no one remembers the crazy mom days. also, i'm saving for their therapy. no one will call me unprepared ever again!

but ya, life right now is pretty unpredictable. in all honesty, i am not equipped for 4 children. i sing, you sustain oh Lord, you sustain. healer of the broken, your nearness is good. (insert microphone emoji and mariah carey hands).

also, sometimes my lunch is a graham cracker. or 5. maybe a string cheese if i have some extra time.
(lila doing some "mummers"...aka numbers work)

i find that the more children i have, the more i don't know what i'm doing. and the less i cling hard and fast to particular ways of mothering. you will see formula on our counter along side of pumped breast milk. with layne, i wouldn't have even dreamed of supplementing. and i cried in the middle of the night wishing i could. now i just do.
(birthday flowers lila picked out)

look around at the world and all the giant problems and then supplementing with bottles doesn't seem like a huge deal. at all. nor do the hundred million other things we fuss about as parents. so i'm just not doing it this time around. happy world breastfeeding week. ell ohh ell.
(annnnnd a lot of watching shows is happening)

anyway, my birthday is tomorrow and i could care less. pruett stole my heart and my desire to do fun things for my birthday this year. just a sleep deprived, unpregnant, non kankle-ee,  quiet dinner with the hubs is as close to heaven as i can think of at this point. my standards are at a new low, but i'm liking it. i can only go up from here, right?

later gators.


  1. Loved this. So true. I found I held to things less tightly with each kid, breast feeding drama is a chief example. But also found it so cra that even with each kid the idols were stillllll there. WHY am I not 109% sanctified by now?!

  2. I'm sorry its rough. I still deal with a middle of the night feedings because my toddler would never take a bottle (I never even heard of that. I thought babies loved bottles and only tolerated breasts... but, not mine she has to buck the trends.) Praying for rest and obedient children in your house. {hugs}

  3. And I thought three was a rough transition! :) Having a baby right before the school year starts is hard. I did that last year and
    "homeschooled', but thank the Lord it was just Kindergarten, because the schooling was kinda the last thing on the list most days. It is still difficult some days for me and I totally agree with doing things different and getting a little more "free" in your mothering which each one. I do so many things now that I would have never considered when I just had one. Good luck with getting everybody to school on time without losing your mind! Look up the old hymn "He Giveth More Grace." My amazing Grandma shared it with me last year when I was still rocking a screaming baby to sleep for 45 minutes for a 20 minute nap whilst my other two were killing each other.

  4. I spy a cute baby blanket! Love this post James...you'll get through this magical time of newborn-hood.

  5. This was hilarious and true in so many ways! Happy birthday tomorrow and good luck with the quiet dinner!

  6. "I am so rude to the kids in the morning." SAME. I always pray they forget in the long run. Like, for real pray, when they're tucked into bed at night and I feel like a tool.

    I'm overcome with the urge to cook you food. I dunno, its my spiritual gift.

    Peace to your hood. Xo

  7. Even though I just had my second kid...I so relate to this post!!

  8. Before children my life motto was, "No Regrets." I did everything stronger, faster, better than the rest and didn't miss a thing - no regrets. When my twins were born, my life motto quickly changed to "Good Enough." And on some days, "Goo Nuf." It seems that children cause us to lower our standards, be content with putting in half the effort and settling for less. But really, I think they put us back on track with what God says is most important and force us to abandon our ideals that are just "our" ideals, not God's. Happy Birthday!

  9. PS - I"m madly in love with you new house and will gladly fly to you California to redecorate mine!!

  10. It does get better. I remember that too scared to take 4 out simultaneously feeling. Eventually it gets outweighed by the too scared to stay in the house with 4 any longer feeling.=) Enjoy your days. It is a super short season that feels forever long.

  11. i still get nervous to go out with my (1) 8 mo child. you give me hope and also terrify me a little. motherhood is sanctifying no matter how many little lives you attempt to keep going.
    btw - happy birthday!!

  12. Happy birthday...mine is tomorrow. Four kids seems like a blessing and a mighty big handful. I have two and wanted one more but think sometimes the two I have are too much for me to handle. You'll find your rhythm. At least that is what people like to say to make us feel better when we just want to throw something across he room,

  13. Oh my goodness, this is how I feel with three kids. Number three is seven months old now so it's getting better but oooohhh... it's so tough!
    Unrelated, your couch looks amazing and comfortable and big. I'm a little jealous.

  14. 'i find that the more children i have, the more i don't know what i'm doing'

    ohhh girl. I KNOW the feeling. a couple sundays ago I buckled my three year old, grayson, into the truck with his dad and sent him off to my in-laws church to visit. then I loaded up our four month old and went to our regular church. after being there approx. 4 minutes I started to panic because it was almost time for sunday school to start and grayson was no where to be found. I wish I could say I had just a little inward moment of anxiety that no one else realized was going on but no. no, I was all crazy town, running down the aisles, baby in tow, frantically asking people if they had seen him until my mom was all 'chill out. because embarassing' or something like that.

    and that's just two kids. I think I better quit while I'm behind.

  15. So so true. It's a nutty, crunchy, memory draining blessing :)

  16. I tend to be a bit of "mean mommy" in the morning too...especially after I've been up with the baby...I need sleep and when I don't get enough of it i'm sometimes not a very pleasant person to be around...praying you get some sleep.

  17. I haven't met you but I love you. You're funny and honest about the craziness that is mothering four and new house and renovating. I just had my fourth at the end of may, we bought a house in June, renovated in in July and moved in in August. It's October now and I'm reeling from all that mess and I homeschool. Which is what we want to do but the whole not sleeping and working on house projects still and being rude on the morning don't jive well with homeschooling all the time. Choosing joy is a daily battle. Love the GK Chesterton quote, "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. And inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered." Oh to rest on Him everyday in all he has for me!

  18. I am so thankful for your vulnerability and humor -- parenting is so hard but it's also freakin' hilarious. You are doing a great job mama!


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