Thursday, July 24, 2014

living room before and after

next up. living room.
now we can't put the rug down yet because the floors need one more week to breathe freely. or something. whatever...this is one occasion where i'm happy to follow the rules. i don't want to have to go through another floor sanding and staining for a long, long time.

here she is before. what i affectionately called, an oak festival.

and after the white paint got a hold of her:

the beams are actually owl grey by benjamin moore. it's a super super light grey.
the trim is off white by sherwin williams
the walls are white dove by sherwinn williams
yellow circle artwork from minted (they seriously have super high quality prints and the best customer service)
and lila painted the black and white one. genius, i tell you. 
my sis painted that globe for me.

the window seat is perhaps my fave place in the house. perhaps because i heart throw pillows.

perhaps because penelope thinks it's a stage.
would love to take the doors off the cabinets under there and put baskets instead. this too can wait...for now. 
 what? small obsession with black and white? noooooo.

again, lila painted the the dots with the line painting. she calls it a "happuh face!"
the map is from one kings lane and i've also seen it on zulily 
the white rocker chair is from zulily
and the gold table is from target

to my defense, i did try and add pops of color every now and again. 

one thing not lacking in this home is storage. and can i just say that built in bookshelves are changing my life. bold statement. but, it's really hard to be messy when everything has a place...and can be closed into a cabinet. i would like some open shelving in this room, but until i live with the space a little longer, i'm not ready to commit to doors off. 

tv hidden! it kind of is exciting, considering we've always displayed it. there was shelving in here but we knocked it out to fit the tv. 

those little chalkboard pails are in the target $1 spot, just FYI.

we used to have our tufted couch in the living room annnnnnd, it sure was pretty. but then we dominated it hard. it was ripping and sad, so we moved it into our bedroom and put the comfy sectional back. honestly it's a way more comfortable and fitting for this stage of life. 
the couch was our very first purchase together as a couple--at a restoration hardware floor model sale. we of course dominated the original slipcover with permanent markers and had it recovered. grey with white piping. 
the urban outfitters coffee table is super low and round. not an amazing bargain, but i love it for this stage in life, no harsh corners and the kids can color or eat at it. what? i never let my kids eat in the living room while i'm laying on the couch watching shows... wait. that's real life sometimes.
and just because...scenes from the living room with the girls. 
poor, poor dog. 

 needlepoint pillow is on sale at PBteen

and just for shock value, one more time:

if you want to see the kitchen redo, you can go here

the dining room before and after is here


  1. luv all that white crispness!

  2. you're like a decorating genius.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Completely transformed the room. It's beautiful! I. Love. It.

  4. This. Is. Everything. Dream house is ALL white. You're rocking my senses.

  5. That window is possibly the greatest window in the history of windows. And the new paint makes the festival of oak sing.

  6. just wow. i covet your abilities. although i've got the watching shows while the kids eat and color in the living room thing down.

  7. i'm only a tiny bit sad that you didn't stain the beams darker instead of painting them but i'm also like out of my mind impressed by the transformation, so theres that.

    1. thought about it. but we already have the beams. in the other room. i didn't want it to get too woodsy. the beams are actually a can't really see it in the pic.

  8. Who did you get to do the trim painting? We're in the KC Area and are thinking of doing the same thing :)

  9. this is gorgeous! LOVE all the white! and the floors are gorgeous too!

  10. Lurve. Good job. Where do you shop for throw pillows? That is always a tricky one for me...

    1. target! tjmaxx!i just collect them as i go...

  11. That white looks fantastic. It really transformed the space and made it modern. what did you do to the wood (sand it? prime it?) so that it would accept the white paint? Also and love the benji moore paint.

  12. Yes, please share your technique! I'd love to paint our cabinets but don't know where to start. Do you have to sand or just paint over the stained wood? Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I love that you used what you got and made it beautiful!!!

  14. I absolutely love it. But don't you think you fire place insert would look better in black instead of gold? I am debating if I can paint my gold insert to black also. What is the worst that can happen I have to buy a new one?

    1. I'm really into brass! If you look at the kitchen Reno , all my handles are brass... :)

  15. wow--you done blown my mind with these renovations! both this and the kitchen look really clean & beautiful!


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