Thursday, June 5, 2014

thinking on moving. and hoarder-ing. and eulogizing.

i don't know how much i'll be writing as we transition into our new home this summer. it's literally only 20 minutes away where we're going but moving a house is still moving a house.
and i'm apparently a hoarder. so that's been fun. who knew how much you could fit in a basement if you just apply yourself. for years. over and over.

whatever. i like finding things in people's trash. it's fun for me, but my husband dies a little when he has to pull over for a treasure. can we just go to a store? 

babe, this is a store. a street store. isn't that fun? everything's free on the curb.

listen, when you grow up poor, you think you have to save everything for the time you'll need it. i mean, haven't you watched dr.phil?
if it's broken, that's ok. because you're going to jimmy rig it probably with hot glue, and make it look great. sort of great. and sure, sometimes people threw it away for a reason because it breaks when you sit on it, but this is neither here nor there.

all that to say, i'm getting rid of stuff. meaningful stuff even, but that we've outgrown. and our style has changed over 10 years. we're finally figuring out what we really like and how to put it together as a cohesive room. first world conundrums? absolutely. but this is where we live: excess. so along with purging comes promises not to bring in excessive crap that is just going to sit there for years with no function and no intentionality, into our home.

i will fail, sure. but i do want to change. that's something.

where am i even going with this? i don't know. but it sure beats packing. i have 12 days before i have to be out of this house and so i'm just eulogizing walls and and spaces and countertops and yards where memories were made for 5 years.

and it wasn't just any 5 years.
it was the start over years.
gifts that came from seasons together that we should have never seen together.
from the snow we should have never played in and the sprinklers we should have never ran through.

but we did. because God gave us a good gift.

and now we move on to the next years of our lives together, facing the unknown. i will be ok with that because when i see what God has already done, i can stare the blurry future in the face and walk forward into it. paint chips in hand.

recognizing that as much as we like to cling to and tightly grip all this stuff we surround ourselves with, including houses and plans none of it is eternal. none of it will mean anything when this life, that is a breath(remember?), all comes to an end. it's good to walk away from homes and paintings and furniture that i loved, if for nothing else than to proclaim to my soul that He is better. 


  1. beautiful, funny, so much procrastination yet beautiful memoir all in one post.

  2. We are moving on Saturday and I can say that 1) I can totally identify with you and 2) reading this is way better than packing :)

    Thanks esp for sharing the verse. It's a perfect reminder in the packed up/purging out week that I'm in. xo

  3. It's good to make physical stones of remembrance of God's faithfulness to us. But it's better to remember that even when we leave those stones behind, His goodness goes with us.
    We moved in January from our home of five years too. He was so good to us in that house. And here we are in our new home, and He has already been So good to us here. Dreams He set in our hearts a decade ago have come true here already.
    I loved this post. It's the transitional place, moving from glory unto glory. May He bless you beyond comprehension in your new home.
    May dreams come true.

  4. I love this! In one short week I will be walking away from my career to be full time mommy and homemaker. I am excited, grateful and unable to adequately put into words the rest of my feelings. Becoming a one-income family; for us, means sacrificing a bit in the arena of "things" and "wants"; but God is showing us what is truly important. As I begin to purge, I am overwhelmed and horrified with the amount of excess and waste we have allowed and even eagerly anticipated into our home; and even though giving it to others makes the the load feels so much lighter, we are vowing to be much more intentional about what we bring into our home in the future as well. I hope the move goes smoothly for your family! When we moved into our home 2 years ago my then 2 year old daughter was (and still is) very dissapointed that our house wasn't pink, purple and yellow on the outside :) Ha, it was a legitimate concern that led her to scream "this can't be my house" EVERY time we pulled into the garage for the first 3 months!

  5. Amen, I love this! THank you for sharing Jami…happy packing and moving!! xoxo

  6. ugh. moving. do i want to do that in a month? no. and i'm not even moving a whole actual house.
    i'm still down to help you guys move if you want me to. or play with your babes. whatever. let me know!

  7. i love you. he is better indeed.
    (our moving process was not fun. but it's made me pray more for YOU!)

  8. so much good in this. amen sister. He is better.

  9. "it's good to walk away from homes and paintings and furniture that i loved, if for nothing else than to proclaim to my soul that He is better." I LOVE THIS. thank you for sharing your heart so plainly. so good.


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