Thursday, June 19, 2014

the crazy goings-on. and my baby shower.

life has been busy and stressful as of late. i haven't been sleeping well. i'm living in a fat suit. i ate chicken parmesan at 10:30 am today whilst wearing compression hose. COMPRESSION. HOSE.
my kankles are truly that bad. could it be the sodium from the chicken parm? no way. that's silly.
(what? my mirror is not dirty)

anyway, i've prayed for the rapture to come a lot lately...selfishly maybe. but is sounds super spiritual. it was more of a get me out of this mess/stress/craziness prayer.
or an i'm so sinful and all my sin is coming out to play when things don't go my way, so suck me up into heaven!

but alas. i'm still here. on the earth. in the chaos. i would love to take you on a roller coaster of crazy that has been this week but the Lord has sparred you. it involves a crazy house closing that didn't go as planned(i thought i might deliver this child from sheer stress), trying to pack while giant(6 weeks till the babe comes!) and moving at a slug's pace, and a strong desire for gin and juice every night. plus, why do we need all these things? gah. i'm such a hoarder.

i am comforted by the thought of eternity as we live in seasons like this. i know that we came out of a season of rest and that we were going into a season of difficult work, but it's been hard to live in the difficult...conceptually, i was fine with the thought. rolling around in that reality, not so much. it's such a mirror for where i run when i am uncomfortable. and what i so valued before. i know that the circumstances were permitted by God so that i would know him more and that he would be glorified. this is my only comfort.

and those salted caramels from costco. praise him.

it's getting a little too deep so let's talk about my baby shower that my frands threw me the other week. watercolor themed...and omg. so cute. they made me feel incredible special.

you can read more and see all the pictures here on erica's blog!

later gators. back to packing. 


  1. Well aren't you just the cutest. And that shower is looks gorge! Hang in there mama. You got this.

  2. you're a beauty.
    i long for eternity in times like these too. which is the wonderful thing about hard stuff maybe, helps us refocus on what matters. anyway.
    your shower! cutest theme, and so excited for you.

  3. I literally LOL'D reading parts of this post. Hang in there Jamie! And may the good Lord deliver you from your gin and juice craving. Amen.

  4. Such a fun shower for a sweet, wonderful lady such as yourself! I can relate with you about the season of work and stress. Last year I was pregnant with terrible all-day morning sickness with our second baby; we moved; and my husband started a company with his boss. A month after having the baby, I broke one toe and dislocated another a few weeks before Christmas. Oh, and my 2 1/2 year old at the time decided to give up naps in the thick of all of this. Yikes. Thankful to God for the restful seasons to prepare us for the hard times.

  5. omg girl I FEEL YOU. I have a blog post tomorrow going out discussing my my hemorrhoids, gas, burps and my compression stockings for my awful varicose veins (and we are in the middle of a remodel)--ugh. solidarity.

  6. well it IS summer you know. that water retention stuff is like at least partially caused by the weather. word.
    thanks for spinning real life back into the gospel. good stuff. can you write a devotional? something like: "gin, chaos and kankles: every girl's guide to the gospel." cuz for realz.

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  8. YAY!! What Joy!!! You are pregnant... : )
    I have removed myself from the blog world for the past 6 months... (was wasting time reading about all the fancy schmancy home d├ęcor & frankly, fed up with it all : ) So this morning I decide to check back with a few of my favs... & there you are all beautiful & cute & adorable & as wise as EVER....
    "permitted by God so that I would know Him more & that He would be Glorified" Best & wisest thing I have read (besides scripture : ) in a very long time.... Thank You for sharing your heart, as always...
    Oh, I love that you are having another sweet baby... What a Blessed child he is... Yay! Yay! YAY!!
    Guess I had better go back & read some of your older posts..... : )

  9. I am in love with your kitchen and furniture <3


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