Friday, April 18, 2014

loving lately.

here are a few things i'm loving lately.

these albie design prints are on zulily for the next 2 days for half the price they are on etsy. not to mention, they're absolutely gorgeous. of course i bought the kansas city one, but they have lots of major cities in there. gah. LOVE. and for $15, get outta m'face!

i am loving step by vampire weekend. 

this book. the paris wife. it's a historical fiction based on the life of ernest Hemingway. it discusses life and writing and an affair pretty intensely. and i don't know. i still can't stop thinking about the book. like, i find myself praying for the characters sometimes. ha. but seriously...
“It gave me a sharp kind of sadness to think that no matter how much I loved him and tried to put him back together again, he might stay broken forever.” 
 Paula McLain, The Paris Wife

why do i love this art print of a bear sitting awkwardly in a fancy designer chair? i don't know. but i think i need to stare at it everyday on my wall so it makes me smile. totally weird. well done, minted. 

and then i became obsessed with their table runners. oh...and a photo shoot back drop. what? yes. gimme. let's throw a party just so i can use this magic.

i saw the movie, the grand budapest hotel last weekend. wes anderson does it again. but this one had a pretty strong plot... and it was pretty delightful. 

 and i'll leave you with this quote that i can't stop thinking about. and feel like it sums up my life in such few words.

have a fantastic weekend,


  1. Wow that quote is so powerful!!

  2. You're looking so well darling, you really are. I don't know what sort of cream they put on you down at the morgue but, I want some.

  3. I am glad to know I am not the only one that accidentally prays for people in books. I think it is because of reading blogs and you are removed from those people and then when you read a book it is almost the same thing. Okay, we can just be weird together!

  4. I read the Paris Wife over the summer and just finished 'Z' about Zelda Fitzgerald a few weeks ago -- both such fascinating books and such interesting (and sad) lives they both led!


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