Thursday, March 20, 2014

oils update: what we think.

guys, are you obsessed with essential oils yet, or what? i know, some of you are like, if i have to hear about the oils again, i'm going to hurt people.
i have an oil for your rage.

just kidding.
i mean, i do. but...

it's just that they work. it's really crazy when you stop taking your over the counter stuff and rely on the essential oils, which work just as well, but are natural and good for you. it's hard to say that about most OTC stuff.

so...let me tell you how we're using our essential oils over here. i prefer to call them oilzzzzzz at my house. so when you see that word, please know that it's with a long zzzzzz.

orange oil is really cheap and it makes my kids calm down. lila has a rough time getting her calm on sometimes. particularly with her special needs stuff going on, it's hard to know how to help her gain composure again after she's gotten worked up. so i put it up and down her spine and in about a minute, she's sitting quietly coloring while i freak out and say, is anyone watching this?!

it is a citrus oil, so make sure you're using lotion or a carrier oil to apply, as it will make their skin itchy or irritated if directly applied.

we have also been using brain power, clarity, and vetiver on her as well, and in the past couple of months, people keep telling us how much better she's doing with her language. honestly, i don't know if this is because she's growing up and maturing, or because of the oils. but now i don't want to go back!
so we'll keep applying and i'll keep you guys updated.

and thieves, let me count the ways. this oil is pretty incredible for avoiding sickness or helping when you do get sick. we didn't get the flu this year...i was applying this oil all over the children, especially after church or the YMCA we attend regularly. aside from a cold here and there, nothing really slammed us. it was quite glorious.

usually i just rub this on their feet before we go somewhere or as soon as i see sniffles. you can also diffuse it in the air if you have a diffuser. personally, i'm much more inclined to put this stuff topically on my fam, as it works quickly and effectively. i'll turn the diffuser on at night if someone's got a cold. the humidity and the oils work their magic while they sleep.

last week i woke up with what i thought was a cold, but i looked in the mirror and sure enough, there were white spots on my throat and it was incredibly painful to swallow. i was like...NOOOOO, i can't handle strep right now! so, i took thieves orally just right into my throat every couple hours and then i took 3 drops of oregano via capsules, orally.
i woke up the next day, and while the cold lingered, the spots were gone. crazy town. so i kept at it for a couple more days until the cold was gone. what was interesting is that i had some cystic acne popping up again on my neck(my diet the pregnancy is not amazing...i'm eating more sugar and other naughty things), but all of that went down quite a bit as well. it was incredible.

now you shouldn't take oregano orally all the time, it's a really powerful antibiotic and it will clean your gut out of both good and bad bacteria. so use it only when needed for bad sickness or infections.

i'm also really loving lavender. my ankles are disappearing with this pregnancy again...i tend to retain water like a champ. so i rub the lavender all over my ankles before i go the gym and not only do i smell like an amazing floral extravaganza(and a crazy hippie), my kankles are noticeably smaller when i use it, as opposed to when i don't. i need to be more vigilant about applying during the day and especially at night when i turn into a hippopotamus.

i could go on and on and on...we use so many more oils. but i'm not going to bore you all. the oils have thus far, really worked for us. we couldn't be more thrilled! worth every penny we've spent.

and if  you are interested in getting oils or the premium starter kit, follow these step-by-step directions.

  • Go to:   Sign-Up page
  • Please make sure you've checked Young Living wholesale member (and not retail customer---you will not get wholesale prices as a customer--it's a 24% discount and you never have to sell anything. NO BRAINER.)
  • Enter this number 1566248 in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID areas
  • Fill out your info
  • Select your kit ($150 premium starter kit is the best value--a $225 retail value)
  • You can choose to sign up for Essential Rewards at this time if you'd like -- it means you commit to ordering $50/month and they give you reduced shipping. i love this because it keeps me current on my oils and helps me try new products)
  • At this point, you can add more product to your order if you'd like
  • You're all done---welcome to the family!   


  1. i'm just having a hard to buying ittttttt. maybe its because i haven't tried it yet? maybe its because i'm a skeptic? maybe its because i don't really get sick that much? i want to believe, help me overcome my unbelief. haha.

  2. i love my oils. total skeptic at first. total believer now. and addict. they're amazing!

  3. do you have to dilute the thieves before applying it to feet? ive wanted to put this on my little ones but am nervous.

    1. I don't delete theives on the kids. Babies I might.

  4. Curious where you have learned how to use/apply the oils. Do you have the pocket reference guide or desk reference or anything? I have the starter kit and know some basics, but would really like to learn more.

    1. I learn a lot from this Facebook group I'm in and from googling. But I need to get that book!

  5. i think its so funny how this is such a blogger trend now!! i've been a user for over a year now!!! they're amazing!!

  6. Ok I've seen these all over blogs & Instagram and am definitely intrigued but I don't want to be a "distributor;" to me that means I'm selling stuff to other people, not just getting the products for myself. Am I right on that?

    1. As a distributor you don't have to sell anything. You just get the discount!

  7. my son has some challenges that i think might be similar to lila and am interested in how you use the brain power, clarity, and vetiver? diffuse? apply to feet? dilute them at all? and with the orange oil what is the ratio you dilute at? sorry for all the questions, but so far peace and calming isn't cutting it. it helps but i think he could use more help lol! thanks in advance!

  8. Love oils!! And especially love the help they've brought to Lila! Yea!

  9. since your post i've been so interested to learn more about oils.
    --especially thieves, since my children pass along illness to one another on a consistent basis ;)
    and i like how your tips are like an intro to oils 101. you should write a handbook.


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