Wednesday, February 26, 2014

winners and another bundle giveaway!

hello frands.

the random winners of the amazing
 Exploring Grace Together: 40 Devotionals for the Family 
by jessica thompson is...

number 3, sarah
number 9, sara
number 42, maphipps
email me if you won!!

if you didn't win, get to amazon! such a great resource. 

since you're so disappointed now, i think we should do another giveaway--don't you?

today you could win this fun bundle:  wifeysinger earrings, a noonday necklace, an amazing table runner or quilted checkerboard from suzycustomquilts, and an honest company essentials bundle!

this table runner from suzy is on my table right now. she custom made it for my love of black and white and a bit more modern...with a pop of color. i'm so in love with it. every time i walk by it, i smile. 

 she also makes coasters and lots of other fun stuff, including custom and amazing quilts! go check her site out.

also, a huge thank you to holly wimer of noonday for giving away this gorgeous necklace! have you heard about noonday? they employ people all over the world to make goods in order to enable them to get out of poverty. it's an incredible company and sometimes it makes me cry. 


and, if you don't know hannah singer...she is one of my faves. her jewelry is incredibly priced and her stuff is just the cutest. beyond that, her blog and story is just a treasure to read. so.....she's giving away some fancy earrings!

lastly, an essentials bundle from honest company(you get to pick the 5 items). they are truly my favorites. i have never received anything from them i haven't LOVED. just such a great company. if you're new, make sure you use this code INVITED10 for $10 off your order!

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