Wednesday, February 12, 2014

how to get your eyes off your spouse

when i first got married, i thought that marriage was about me. i wouldn’t have said that, of course. but the reason i got married in the first place is because i loved how he loved me. i loved how i felt around him. i loved how secure he made me feel. i loved that i would be taken care of and that i wouldn’t be lonely anymore.
for our first year, it was fun and fast paced. we did a lot of things really fast like buy a house, buy a car, and well…have a baby. ....
i'm guest posting over at my friend anna's blog today! you can read the rest of this post over  there!


  1. LOVED that post. your writing moves me every time.

  2. That was perfect. I needed to hear this story so much this morning. Thank you for sharing! What an amazing perspective change for Valentines Day.

  3. i hate to admit it and although i am a devote christian, i have been that other woman before. i've realized from my life-experiences as a single woman that it is important for us as sisters in Christ to respect one another as women and respect each other's marriages. that is something i was lacking when I was in my early twenties.

    1. oh the twenties. so many things i wish i didn't do! anyway, affairs are easy to get wrapped up in single or married...


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