Wednesday, December 18, 2013

merry christmas. ralph lauren style.

every year i try and theme up our christmas cards. sometimes i really push it, like last year or the year before, but this time, i only sort of pushed it. when i asked my husband if we could do 80's preppy sports for our theme, he rejected it. so i settled for ralph lauren style.

we were missing a horse, which was rude that no horses came by at the abandoned barn we went to. ugh. it makes me so mad to think about.


my sister audrey took these fabulous pictures.

and minted designed and printed them. they are my faaaaaave.
it says, happy holidays from our home to yours...which i guess means we live in a barn. that actually sort of is true, so just go with it.

penelope was having the best of times!

 i kept saying, lila! no smiling. think ralph lauren ad! and she still went about being joyful. the nerve.

also, if you're interested, i did an interview with a gal about shooting family photos. like if you're the photographer, not the clients...some little tips and tricks in there that i use to get people to smile. it's not a stuffed parrot that i shake wildly if you're wondering. but that's sort of a good idea now that i think about it.



  1. I went back and looked at your previous years--I love it! So fun.

  2. How are your Frye boots so spotless?!

  3. you're hilarious. they turned out great, even with lila's joyful self! :)

  4. your family is the these!! Merry Christmas!

  5. Very fun! Can't wait to check out your previous themes.

  6. Oh my Goodness.... the cuteness, can hardly stand it.... : ) And Lila, with all of her Joy, brings me Joy!!
    Merry Christmas, Jami, you Bless me every single time I visit here...

  7. I want on the mailing list. Also back issues, like moonrise style. Also horses think they're better than everyone right?


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