Friday, December 13, 2013

good deal alerrrrrt

ok, deal alert.
right now, if you're a new customer to honest company and you get referred from a friend, like me! ha. you get $10 off your first order. use this link to get that deal.

THEN, if you're an existing bundle subscription user, use code DELIGHT to get a free item add on. add the code before december 14th, 2013 and make sure it ships by dec 31. if you don't have an existing bundle, i would still try and add the coupon code to your new bundle and see if it works. who knows!

after you enter the coupon code, a little window will pop up and you they will let you choose from a bunch of products.

in addition, they are giving you all $25 instead of $20 if you refer your frands. make sure you use your personal invite code under the invite section. that money can add up quick and be helpful with those monthly home necessities!

like i've said, as an ardent user of all things honest company, i haven't gotten anything that hasn't been absolutely wonderful. if your kids have allergies or sensative skin, or you're a semi-hippie that likes natural products that don't smell outrageous, this company is amaze. the customer service will blow your mind...they are generous with their profits and with their time. so it's a pretty win win sitch.


see what i did there? i shortened it!

ok, just thought i'd throw that out there.

and side note, if you are already stressed over the holidays but still want to send cards, consider a new years card instead. minted has 10% off orders of $100 and 15% off $150 using code JOYFUL

and they are doing a free upgrade to 2 day shipping for cards. holla for the procrastinators!

or if you can't decide what to get someone. think art! when you buy 3 gifts, you get 15% off using code gifts15.
and as always, when you sign up for a new account through an invite, you get $25 in your account!
(i adore this print!)

later gators!

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