Tuesday, November 5, 2013


weird. anyway.
the thing i learned this halloween is that it's easy to forget to take pictures of your own kids, but easier to remember to take pictures of other people's kids.
cousin isaac as russel from UP. 
i want to eat his face off. so cute.

june and george as thomas and garden gnome. june is actually smiling here.

poppy as a cat. in a leotard. because, duh. you've seen the musical. and she's pretty serious about it, like all actors.

my mom and dad with mad cow. aka charlie. aka chuckles. aka i can't stop calling her chuckles, it's horrible.

my sister audrey, hiding her pregnant belly. be proud auj, 3 under 3. only gangsters need apply.

sweet benny. actually his name is ben.  and it sort of looks like erica's teeth are green but i can assure you they are actually brown. jk! your teeth are amaze. 
sweet vivs as sebastion. um, yes to all of this.

our neighborhood is crazy town. there are lines to walk in when getting candy. but anything for a snickers, right? for the kids, not me. (looking away awkwardly)
 ya. that.

lila was a princess. she was only supposed to get this dress when she pooped in the potty but that never happened...so just cut your losses and let the good times roll! see how happy she is?

penelope was a pig earlier in the day but then changed to the dinosaur. she was basically, the third child. just do what you want.

(jeff, you creeper back there)

actually, i did take a couple of layne. for one reason.

layne came home from school saying that people laughed at his costume. it wasn't the above costume...it was the oh crap it's time to go to school and we need to get some stuff from the dirty clothes and make you a ninja! costume.
which ended up being a 3 sizes too large karate jacket with no belt. because we couldn't find it. 
pajama pants, because ninjas wear tight fitting clothes for jumping and kicking? but i couldn't find black pj pants, so we settled with grey. sort of not a good idea...because layne was embarrassed about them being for sleeping. so he put them over his khaki pants and people asked him if he was a karate football player. no, guys. he's a ninja. how do you not see that?
 then he found out he couldn't wear a mask or bring his plastic weapons. so basically, he looked AMAZING/ nothing like a ninja/i'm a good mom!

imagine it: 
a gaping open giant white karate jacket.
skinny pants over baggy pants.
green high tops.

so when he told me he got laughed at, i felt 2 things: 1) my heart was warmed. i grew up poor and that's just how it is. you jimmy rig things and it makes you have a sense of humor and helps you be grateful when you do get something new and cool. 
and then i also felt bad. so i ran to target at 5pm and got him a black sweat suit. we found the belt and we had the ninja mask from the dollar store. boom. now you look the part.

you're welcome for the years of therapy to come. 


  1. can i just say it? your parents are babes.

    happy halloween and all that jazz.
    i can't really formulate a different comment as i'm stunned by your parents.
    how many kids did your mom have?? are you sure she isn't your sister?

    1. i know, right? she's a young chicken. we get younger as we age... ha

  2. This post made me giggle so hard this morning Jami! you are so hilarious...keep 'em coming!

  3. so many emotions. I was all giggles until the getting made fun of at school part. parenting is hard, yo.

  4. Loved your comment about Lila not supposed to get her dress, until she pooped in the potty...dealing with the same poopy issues with our 5 year old grandson.

  5. I'm gonna start the June Baker fan club. And hey, I got you beat: this year we announced to the kids we weren't going trick or treating but to a movie and pizza instead. Then I got sick and we stayed home, where the kids fought about which movie to order and so I angrily announced there would be no movie, turned off all the front lights and hid from other trick or treaters.
    Yeah, I win.

    1. seriously. june is my have. and you are awesome.

  6. speaking of li(y)la's pooping on the potty....i FINALLY got my lyla to do that, all thanks to some amazing ideas from the book 'ready,set,potty' ... her OT recommended it and seriously. it worked. she now poops on her potty in her closet every. day. hooray! it's the small things ;) good luck!

  7. layne,

    i, too, am the first of 3 children. and i, too, was the experiment child amongst other things. someday when you look back on your school pictures and see yourself in the same shirt multiple years in a row, you will be grateful that at least one of those years your mom remembered to fix your hair. and someday when you look back on the skinny pants over baggy pants and oversized white jacket halloween ensemble you will remember that someday your mom may be old and senile and you'll get to pick her outfits out for her.

    until then, rock what ya got, kid!

  8. I'm always in for a good laugh when I read your posts.

  9. OMG - this was your best post in a L O N G time. Love the family stuff...sooo cute. Your humor is so funny. Of course I read the blog religiously but this was just, good ol Jami bloggin.

  10. thank you. I just had the best belly laugh. so funny about layne. I'm that mom too. my poor children.

  11. One, your parents are hipsters. Your dad with that cardigan and your mom with those glasses! Two, I sort of wanted to cry at Layne's story. Pregnancy hormones? Maybe. We pretty much jimmy rig halloween costumes every year and sometimes I feel bad for my children and don't want others to make fun of them...cause kids can be punks, am I right? Jaymin wants school lunches and walmart costumes "like everyone else". Not gonna happen buddy. Anyway, we're building character right!?!?

    1. it's so good for them. i feel torn of course, i want to give them everything but i know it's not good for them.
      um, plus i'm organized. LOL.


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