Friday, November 15, 2013

$650 giveaway. winner takes all.

hey guys,
thanks for reading. i really, really love having a place to write down my thoughts and process through life and i'm appreciative that you guys keep coming back for more craziness.

i forgot to announce a winner for the advent devotional last week. i'm the worst. can you tell i'm not type A?
the wiener is: jana! jana, if you were number 8, email me!

also, update: pray for my kitchen is not done. countertops are on back order for another 4 weeks. no, i'm not crying...i just have allergies.

back to the giveaway.
enter to win these great prizes with over a $650 value all together.
you can enter just once or get more entries by following the directions in rafflecopter.
get on the horn, and tell your frands because you'll get more entries and well, it's pretty bad A.

i'll choose the winner in one week!

here's what you'll get if you win:

1)$100 to spend at honest company. you KNOW this is my jam. i love everything about this company.
also, recently, they have a new coupon code out, PLUMOFFER40 for 40% off your first bundle! they have not done a coupon code like that in a long while and they don't come around that often so make sure and jump on it! it ends november 27th.

i love the diapers.
i love the thick wipes.
i love the cleaning stuff.
i love the dish towels.
i love the healing balm (so much).
i want to be BFF's with this company. and jessica alba. what? who said that.

2) $75 to spend at! you know how in love with this company i am. they have such an incredible designing team for cards and art. the quality is seriously unmatched.
and also right now they have a 10% off +free shipping code going on to help out with your christmas cards, CHEER10FS

as always, when you sign up, minted gives you $25 in your account.

3) $50 to spend at
and you get $10 for joining just by going through this link on my site.

um, i love my planner from there. i first saw it when i bride pulled her wedding planning planner out and i fell in love. pockets, stickers, colorfulness, monthly planners with daily planner options...i mean, this place is a serious type A situation that a type F (far away from A) finds super helpful.

the advent book i contributed on with elyse fitzpatrick and jessica thompson:
4)Counting the Days, Lighting the Candles
it's a gospel centered advent devotional...a reading for the parents, one for the kids, and one weekly activity.

5)your choice of a hipknoties convertible garment
 it's one piece of clothing that can be worn 30 ways. i really love them, i have a couple and they're so neat. i am still laughing that i met the maker of this magic in the airport!

6)an adorable set of headbands from mama owl shop.
1 adult band and 2 childs!
ay-yi-yieeeee. why is this giving me baby fever?

7)18" feather necklace with mustard and mint czech glass from wifeysinger!
you know i am obsessed with hannah. and everything she makes. this necklace is dear to me for lots of reasons and one of them is that hannah is a dear friend,a generous friend, and a talented lady. 

8)a custom family plate from 
how adorable are these?! i'm in love. and what a fun gift to give someone for the holidays.
um, yes...that silhouette is of our family!

9)$75 to spend at north american bear company!
this place doesn't just have bears. they have the cutest dolls and other toys. might help out with your christmas shopping this year?
(um, the cutest)

10)a snack pack from PaleoFit
shipped right to your door, which includes  2.3oz Paleo Pouch, 4.3oz Paleo Pouch and a 4.3 oz Jerky.
i tried these and they are delicious! it's so great to have something convenient to eat that will keep you full. i'm actually craving the snack mix right now... stomach grumble...

they also make meals for pick up if you live in KC (um, dream world! healthy meals made by a chef every night)
 you can get 10% off your order using the code: thenatos
PaleoFit Meals offers convenient, prepared paleo meals to the Kansas City metro. All our meals are chef-prepared, delicious and fit the Paleo diet. Our goal with PaleoFit Meals is for you to eat like a caveman the cheapest & easiest way possible… because those are the values cavemen held most near & dear to their hearts.
facebook // website

13)$30 to firmoo, which is basically a

free pair of prescription glasses. they are so so so reasonable and we have loved the glasses they've given us. plus they are right on trend. can't beat that. 
but i mean, your first pair is free anyway. so get some for the whole fam. 

i got a pair of glasses for my prego friend amanda and she also said they were wonderful. and also, why have i been paying $200 for new glasses this whole time?!
and also. we were laughing the whole time taking these pictures. BE SERIOUS! lol. ya right.

and with all that binging over the holidays, Dr Kristen Bentson  is giving you access to
 14)The Healthy Holiday Online Workshop which will help you get equipped with tools for healthy eating through this crazy season of eating. 

You will also have instant access to:
  • The Healthy Holidays Food, Exercise & Stress Journals
  • Guides to Managing Seasonal Madness
  • A Guide to Curbing Christmas Cravings 
  • The Managing your Mindset Worksheet 
  • and (my personal favorite;) The Healthy Holidays Recipe Book with Classics like Green Bean Casserole, Stuff the Bird (not your face) Stuffing and Pumpkin Bread!! 

16)$50 to jones design company to spend on anything in her shop. 
emily is such a delightful person to be around and her blog has a little something for, thoughts on motherhood and God, and free printables every month. she's basically a design genius.

i mean, these prints are the jam. 

and this one below is actually free right now! so cute. 

17)this $89 stella and dot bag 
compliments of my good buddy allison brimbelcom
this jewelry is droll worthy and quality. yes and yes to everything!

ok, this concludes the giveaway. one week from today, you shall know who won. happy entries! 
we're using the hashtag #650bundle if you repost it to twitter or instagram 


  1. Um, if I won all this, I wouldn't have any Christmas shopping to do!

  2. dang. that is a lotta loot. nice giveaway!

  3. I never enter giveaways, but spank me ... i'm gonna holler at this!!!! and, Jaim ... love your honest heart and i cannot imagine you without a kitchen during the holidays. Maybe the Lord is re-directing your focus for this holiday season? I'm praying! xoxox

    1. seriously. i have to fill my time with something else...hmm, can't escape to baking...

  4. Awesome, giveaway! Thank you! I reposted on instagram as well.

  5. Wow! Go big or go home! No messing around with 10 little giveaways, just make one super awesome package! I like your style ;)

  6. What a great giveaway package! Here's to hoping I am the oh' so lucky winner!

  7. I think I know your friend Amanda. Is her maiden name Babb? If so, she went to the K-Institute with my husband Adam Miller, which probably means nothing to you. :) What a small world!

    1. amanda said she totally knows you and your fam! how funny. small world...

  8. I believe hell is actually living in a house undergoing renovation, for all of eternity. Praying everything will sort itself quickly for you!

  9. Okay, I tried to enter on the box up there and it isn't doing anything... I may be dumb and that is just decoration :) or I may be dumb for thinking it is just decoration. Shared the give away on my facebook page and can we call this my entry??

    1. after you log in w Facebook or email,
      you click on the little numbers on the side. when you click on them, a tab will drop down and you hit the green ENTER. the number represents how many entries you get if you do what it asks. for instance, posting to instagram gets you 2 entires instead of one. does that make sense?

  10. Oo la la! How in the world do you get so many sponsors?! Craziness... the only person to contact me is Diva Cup. And no I'm not complaining, I love my Diva! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to winnnnnnn :)~

    1. bahahaha. ewwww. i can't do the diva...i just can't.

  11. Hey Jami! I tried to use the PLUMOFFER40 on the Honest Compay website and it won't apply it to my order. Does it have to be on something specific? Thanks!

    1. i think it has to be a new bundle. have you ordered one before?


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