Thursday, November 7, 2013

2 things.

1) i'm doing a giant giveaway next week! winner takes all. i'm pretty excited about it so stay tuned...

2)my very favorite stationary company, minted has a great coupon code out.  $25 off + Free Shipping with code JOY25FS on all holiday card orders!

these ornament cards are nuts...

and if you're looking for a cheaper option (and you know i am!), they have these super cute postcards!

and even cheaper are their petite cards. although not that tiny at 4X6...end up being like a buck a card. it's really hard to match minted's quality and design for that price!

they also have free addressing..

plus they just came out with personalized wrapping paper!! fuh-reaking out. but i would maybe frame it instead. because are you ok with ripping into that?


  1. oh muh gee. I dunno what I love more...the ornament cards? the wrahupping papa?!! the prices/discount?! I can't even handle. Now if only my babe would hurry up and make his arrival so I can get his newborn face on all this cute stuff.

  2. Squeal! We ordered our Christmas cards through Minted last year and they were fab. Totes going to do it again this year. Now if I can just organize my people into a camera frame...

  3. oh dear, i love those cards....just wanted to drop a note & let you know your words from influence '12 are still ringing out. i just joined influence network and listened to your session on "influenced to influence" - such an awesome reminder of my identity in Christ and the work he's done for me. thanks for sharing your heart!

  4. Just ordered 35 Christmas Cards and after the promo they were only $4.00!!! WHAT!? $4.00?!?!

  5. That's awesome!! I'm not so patiently waiting for our family pictures to be finished so I can get our Christmas cards ordered soon

  6. Do you know how long the code is good for?

  7. Um. Yes please! I signed up through your link and will be placing my order soon. I'm so they'll address them for me. Super pumped for the post cards. Thanks lady!


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