Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the chief goal.

the other night i was standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth, thinking about life and parenting and probably a thousand other things. but something in particular rolled over and over again in my brain.

the chief goal of man is to glorify christ and enjoy him forever.

i believe that entirely and wholeheartedly. i have come to love this particular saying and repeat it to myself and others often. it is part of the catechism that most of us aren't taught anymore but are incredibly important.

but i thought, we don't do this anymore. the part where we are telling our kids and each other the truth over and over again. 

as i looked in the mirror, i began to cry thinking of sunday mornings growing up as a child. my father is not a perfect man and we disagree and argue over theology, fashion,and the best way to get a laugh often. but i remembered that while waiting for my mom to get ready for church, my dad would gather all 6 of us kids in the "nice room" (the room we did not play in) for a little chat before church.

when you die...we will all die. i will die and your mother will die and you will die. we are not going to be here for very long. but when we die and you fly up to talk with God and he says, "jami, why should i let you into heaven?"

i would say, because i am a nice person. 

no. you need something more. 

i would say, i go to church and i read my bible sometimes. 

no. that's not it. 
you must say, because Jesus died on the cross for my sins. he is the only thing that you have going for you.

my dad said this for many, many sundays for many, many years to all of his children. it was an important thing to say, but i didn't feel the weight of it. i didn't understand it.

and when i stood in front of the mirror 22 years later just doing a normal routine thing, the memory came back and kissed me on the lips.

because i was not good that week. i was not a wonderful mother. i was not the best friend. and was not a very good wife. i was mostly selfish and self consumed.

and this is where my savior pulls up the "nice room" with the grey tweed sofas and the church going children, with the mustache wearing father saying, no. it must be Jesus. that's all that God must see on you.

it is so good to remind ourselves, our children, our friends, and anyone who has ears, that it is about what christ has already done, not what we are doing.

that God must see Christ, not jami.

this is the chief end of man: to glorify Christ(not me) and enjoy Him (not happiness, wealth, no problems) forever.

perhaps that freeing bit of grace will kiss you on the lips today too.


  1. absolutely! each time we pray we end it with may others see You thru me, it's starting to make my 8 yo ask really deep questions.

  2. Amen! Thank you for the reminders of the gospel of grace, Jami! :)

  3. That is a message the world needs to hear more of...and I need to hear more of too. Thanks girl!

  4. Spot. On. Love this post Jami! Thanks for sharing your heart :)

  5. you know even being a believer for quite some time, the weight of that boggles my mind. all we need is Him. nothing we can do, or stop from doing will get us there. just Him. so thankful for that and for your words.

  6. Amen. Amen. AMEN!!! God blesses and encourages me through what you share. Thank you!

  7. This post, one other recently (can't remember which), and the chalkboard verse on your about me page all had me in tears recently. Thank you SO MUCH for always pointing me to Jesus - with practicality, humor, kindness, love, truth, and such raw, humble honesty! <3

  8. Oh my. it is so good. great post. just what i needed to hear.

  9. Probably one of the most beautiful and poignant posts I have read from your blog. Truth upon truth upon truth. Thank you.

  10. I just started a new book this week called Glimpses of Grace : Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home by Gloria Furman. This is pretty much exactly what the second chapter was about. I have a feeling you would like this book.

    Thanks for always being so willing to share your heart.

  11. As Jack Miller said, "preach the gospel to yourself daily." Thanks for encouraging us to do that very thing.

  12. Just recently started reading your blog, and this was so right today. I have been talking to my kids about how others see Christ in us when we display His character--when we glorify Him. I had forgotten about the catechism. Never thought about God seeing Christ in us too.

  13. Great stuff! I think learning the Catechism is such an effective thing for families to do together. It lays a foundation of truth in our children (and us) and helps make Biblical truths so much clearer. I feel like it has helped knit us closer together as we work on it together, and as we discuss the truths we are learning. It has sparked wonderful questions and discussions, too. And it doesn't have to take much time - only a few short minutes a day.

  14. that is all i want God to see...is Jesus.. In fact that is all I want people to see in me too, Jesus... love this. <3

  15. I agree with Julie Marie! He is soo good and I am so,.. not. haha. I want people to see His love and goodness all the time in me!

  16. this is so powerful! thank you for sharing!

  17. (not the point of your blog post but) you disagree with your parent sometimes on theology? I wonder what THAT is like. (meaning I know exactly what that is like and we should talk about it :)


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