Monday, September 2, 2013


we're in texas!

(this tea towel is on zulily right now, along with other states. omg!)

well. we're not good at road trips i've learned. i'm not going to lie, if i have the chance to fly somewhere, i will. but the deal is, we're not millionaires. 
with 3 kids and 2 adults, it's just so much more reasonable to pack up the car and go visit friends. 

speaking of friends, 
i'm still learning how to be a friend. 
even though i've been best friends with emily for a long time, i'm still figuring it out. 
(daddies praying with the babies)

so i think emily enjoys quality time as her love language. i believe that's a love language? as a hermit, i don't understand this. i love alone time as my love language/spiritual gift...people-less time. so you an imagine the mental effort it takes for me to talk myself into driving with the childrens. for many, many hours! to go be with people non-stop! Lord, have mercy.

i just exhausted myself there. 

but we did. my husband loves this kind of stuff, so he supported the non-hermit behavior. and was surprised by it when i said, we need to go see the anderson's. 
and let me say this. it has been fun. i have enjoyed myself. 
even though we had to wait at CVS for 2 hours because my eye swelled up. i think from walking into 4 gas station bathrooms on the way here, one of which had throw up in the sink? 
layne was like, why did someone put their salad in the sink? 
elll ohhh elll.  so gross. 

we got here and our car battery died, caedmon fell at the pool and had to get a million stitches, oh and i got sick in the joanne's bathroom today.
but the world is not ending. 
we're still having fun.

i think because i see how much emily loves having us here. emily said, it makes me so happy to have people in my home
it will make me tired this week because i extroverted myself, but it gives emily life. to have all of us crazies here. to me that's worth it. and it makes me think we need to come up here more often. 

best friends are worth it. 
or something deep like that. 
that should be on a poster. 
is this a haiku?

anyway. thanks emily for being this hermit's friend. let us pray that some of our children get married to each other. 


  1. your next adventure can include coming to indiana with emily to see me.

    (even though you've already done that.)

  2. I love both of your blogs! And how ironic that best friends ended up marrying asian boys?! Love it.

  3. And that is the epitome of a good friend, love the haiku line:)

  4. Why did you throw up in the Joanne's bathroom?? Something you need to tell??

  5. Ok dieing to know..was that last pic taken in downtown Mckinney?

  6. Yes, the best part of best friends is having children so we can arrange their marriages to one another.

  7. Road trips with my children make me want to die. I wish that no one would speak while we are on them, but that doesn't work.

    We were driving back from KC and my daughter screamed and screamed because there was a fly in the minivan. I wanted to die...or make the fly die.

    You should tell nato to become a pilot. You know, in all his free time ;)

  8. One of my fav blogs did a whole post on how much she loves house guests...I'm the exact way as you, stresses me out to no end to be around people constantly, no matter how much I love them. Love my me time...

    Reaching out to fellow blogger buddies is about as extroverted as I get

  9. love this! We're going to visit our "andersons" this weekend and I. can't. wait! However, I do wish I could just take a day or two off from life when we return but that's just not happening!

  10. I love your friendship with each other!!


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