Wednesday, August 7, 2013

would you let me?

isn't it amazing how creative God is? that the Gospel can be seen through empty promises humans make to each other in pop music?
taken from this song by labrinth.
i cried when i heard it. i pretended it was God singing it mo me.
with my makeup
and my clothes
and house
and titles
and whatever i use.
covering things up i don't want everyone to know about.
but he sees and he knows it all. and climbs up my ivory tower to rescue me from those things i think can know me better and give me identity.


  1. This is so beautiful and moving. I'm sharing this on my facebook. Thank you!

  2. Such a good song!! Love it!

  3. you inspire me with your faith!!

  4. Yes. I love how creative He is. He has used a secular song from the early '90s to be "our song" since I was a teen. He sings it to me. Often. Check it out if you'd like to, though you'll have to look beyond the drum machine, etc., the lyrics are what get me every time. John Hiatt, Have A Little Faith.

  5. I know how you feel. The "secular" song that evokes strong emotion with me is Coldplay's "Yellow" (from the "Parachutes" album.) I feel like God sent this song to me at an especially difficult time in my life. I needed to be reminded of His love and sacrifice for me. "For you I'd bleed myself dry..." What an incredible thing for God to create a world for us, then we screw it all up, yet He comes to live among us and died to save us! Sanctifying our "skin and bones", turning us "into something beautiful" - an image of Himself. And He did all this - loving us while we did not love Him - for joy ("it was all yellow.") The joy of seeing us increasing in our knowledge of Him and coming to a place of relationship with Him. Honestly, it speaks more to me than any other "religious" song out there. Even those who don't know Him are touched by His common grace and the gifts He gives to both the just and unjust. I think all humanity is looking for Him, which is why we can hear that message in songs that aren't specifically written for His worship. Glad I'm not the only one who sees God in secular songs. :)

  6. This is so beautiful. I have never heard this song, so I listened to it as if from Jesus the first time and I cried too.

  7. growing up it was highly frowned upon to listen to "secular" music as a believer. i have always, as long as i can remember turned the words over in my mind, as you clearly do, as a love song from god. now some of course just won't the thong song-heaven help. but there is beauty and messages from the Creator in so much that we overlook. that's why i love your letsgetpraisy approach to things deemed unholy :)


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