Wednesday, August 28, 2013

i'm loving the fall trends for 2013.

fall is coming. let us all rejoice that people are going to be putting their clothes back on very soon.
i think we've all learned a lot about watching miley at the VMA's.

i didn't watch, but i saw enough re-cap clips to make me throw on 4 turtlenecks layered one on top of the other and pray for the rapture to come soon.

on that note(what?), here's some easy things you can do to update your wardrobe for this fall 2013.

pops of leopard. like on your shoes or your belt. maybe a cardigan if you're feeling adventurous.
collard shirts and sports coats are everywhere! an ode to menswear. i love love love this. 

and denim on denim is the jam. don't match it. or do. whatever.

colors that are big this fall and winter:
hunter and emerald greens.  metallics, navies, some bold orange. light pink. blacks and whites! cobalt blue.

now go rummage through your probably already have lots of these things!


  1. went back to work a year ago and still growin gmy wardrobe! I adore your fashion! I need to add more color because my closet looks like I work at a funeral home not a preschool!

  2. great post! getting me all excited for fall. rad.

  3. i will not wear leopard. you can't make me.


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