Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summer faves.

summa summa summa time...
 insert microphone emoji. i feel so lost without my phone... anyway.
have you heard of this version of the song? i really love it.

here are a few ditties i'm loving as we lazy through the summer.


did i just say that?

what i meant to say was these delicious starbucks refreshers that you make yourself. now, it is a little pricey...$5 for 5 packets at the actual starbucks store or target... but not as pricey as buying one that gets made for you at starbucks. these have very little sugar in them and are made with stevia. so it's like a buck a drink as opposed to $4 a drink made at starbucks. they are overpriced on amazon so don't get them there!

moving on, i've discovered this healing balm from honest. it's for babies, but not in this house! first, i used it as chap stick. and it was incredible. then one day, in desperation, i put some under my eyes...which for the life of me, can't ever get fully hydrated. and when i use heavy creams, it creases my under eye concealer. i've even tried wrinkle fillers full of chemical nastiness and they were terrible.

but not this stuff...a tiny dab will do ya'! i rub it under there and then put my concealer on top. it goes on like a dream. make sure and use coupon code INVITED10 for $10 off a $25 purchase. i recommend getting the bundles because you get to pick 5 things (including this balm that sells for $13 alone!) for $29.

and yes, i seriously love everything else they sell. i've basically tried it all and it's glorious. 

moving on. no, pigs are not flying...i really didi join twitter! it's like a party where all my favorite people are. my handle is @jaminato1 on there if you're interested in hearing mostly pointless things and probably embarrassing what nots. so whatever, i said i would never join twitter but thangs are a'changing. more on that later. 

annnnnd i am still crushing on amazon prime! because with your membership you get free movies and tv shows and a free kindle loan every month...on top of your free shipping for books and whatever else. and 20% off your subscribe and save schtuff.
move over net flix.

you can try it for 30 days for free, too!

and for reals. we're into the good wife series (not on netflix) and man. it wins awards for a reason. we have found ourselves addicted to the episodes! this is really what i've been doing with my summer, not reading books. tell no one of what you have just learned.