Monday, June 10, 2013

redeemer women's conference

hey friends,

i go to a church called redeemer fellowship in kansas city. it just turned 5 years old last week...and i feel like it was a little bit of a birthday for me too. maybe a spiritual one or something deep like that. to say that this church and it's relentless teaching of the gospel has been instrumental in my shaping as a follower of Jesus seems small and a little religiously cliché, but it is the truth. this was the church and the people that became a tangible gospel to gather around us when experienced so much heartache in our marriage. but we're not the only ones with stories of heartbreak and redemption that go there. there are so many more! it's been amazing to be a part of a place that believes the Gospel is not just an entry point to becoming a christian, but that it really is alive and healing and saving. if you're looking for a good, healthy, gospel centered church in kansas city, come here!

and if you're not in town or in town... and you're looking for someplace to hear the truth and feel refreshed, come to the redeemer women's conference on
Friday, June 21: 7 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, June 22: 9 am – 5 pm

elyse fitzpatrick is speaking and she is a GEM! i'm freaking out a little bit that i get to learn from her...
she has written 17 books including:
Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus

the conference will basically be about how God loves us. sounds simple, huh? but really, we forget his love. we forget the gospel has real, direct power to transform our daily lives.

you can read more about the conference here


    Our church hosts NANC conferences (nouthetic counseling -- it's amazing. Please research) and Elyse spoke a couple of times. She is an incredibly dynamic speaker, and the way she presents and reminds us of the Gospel is like hearing it for the first time and understanding it all over again.

    Comforts from the Cross and Because He Loves Me are two of my favorite books ever. And also, when I went through counseling her book Love to Eat Hate to Eat was so helpful and refreshing to me and my battle with food.

    Seriously, I cannot wait for you to be encouraged and refreshed by her. Enjoy! FIND A WAY TO HUG HER.

  2. Hey, I went to school with Kevin and Katie! Kevin played football with my husband. What a small world. :) I haven't been reading your blog very long, but it is quickly becoming a favorite.

  3. Soooo- I clicked the link to your church web page & noseyed around a bit (bc I'm nosey??) & holy cow I'm from the same itty-bitty town of Hallsville, TX as one of your staff- Brian Key.
    Not that you should be excited about that (or me for that matter- I'm pretty sure I've never met him) but when I saw H-town was represented I couldn't resist sharing.
    Moving on- Sounds like a great conference!!

  4. I've heard wonderful things about elyse fitzpatrick!

  5. I've often wondered if your church may be an Acts 29 church... guess I know now! :) My husband works for an Acts 29 in Wichita. When we first started attending 2 years ago, it just seemed like a breath of fresh air had hit me in the face... what a difference hearing the gospel preached on a regular basis makes!

    The conference looks awesome... wonder if we could work it into the budget... hmmm

  6. I am reading Give Them Grace and it's the best parenting book! I really encourage parents to read it!

  7. so grateful for your church. and that they have sermons online. such a rich blessing to me!

    praying for a beautiful ladies weekend. take good notes.
    and text them to me.

    but for real, text me everything that's said.

  8. I got to hear Elyse speak last year at a women's conference. She's awesome! Enjoy!

  9. ooh I like this! I attend Jacobs Well in KC and have been to Redeemer a handful of times. Really want to check this out and see if I can drag a few friends with me.

  10. Sounds amazing! Our friends go to Redeemer and we're visiting in July, so we'll obviously miss the conference. We are looking forward to going there for a regular Sunday, though!

  11. Shut up! Elyse Fitzpatrick?? How lucky are you?! Just a little jealous here in Oregon . . .


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