Friday, June 14, 2013

a day in the life: summer 2013

for my records. compliments of the iPhone.
this is how our day was today.
layne 6, lila 4, penelope 2

you guys woke up early and bugged your daddy until he fed you. i got to sleep in until 7:45!

i usually make myself iced tea in the morning even in the winter. i don't like coffee...wish i did for the caffeine but i just can't make myself. while i wait for the water to boil, i read the bible. if you guys don't harass me, i sometimes get to read longer but usually that's not the case. i don't mind...i know this is a short time. there will be other seasons in life i'll get to study more deeply, but now is not that time.

after we ate breakfast, we went for a long walk around 9am. layne, you off-roaded quite a bit on the trail and complained when i was too slow. "mom, you should try and run sometime." honey, if i didn't pee on myself, i think i would more often.
see how your sisters are loving this walk too? what a joyous time we get to spend together!

our walks take about an hour and a half...this day was particularly hot and you guys all ended up throwing a fit by the end of it. i pretend that you're singing praise songs to the Lord when you all scream your heads off. it helps me also not scream my head off.

we got home and i put a movie on so i could take a shower. you guys had already made a fort that morning.

lila, you snuck upstairs and painted your nails with liquid eyeliner and then generously topped them off with real fingernail polish. then, wiped it on our sheets. we've had these sheets since we were married (that's 7 years), so it was time to get rid of them anyway, maybe? but i made you go sit in your room because it made me mad. 5 minutes later you yelled, i luh you! and i let you out because YOU WIN. i can't stay mad at you especially when you say that sweet phrase.

at 11:30 we ate a gourmet lunch of flaxseed, almond butter, apricot jelly sandwiches with some fruit. 'twas very fancy. i had one too because, why not? isn't that what every mother eats for lunch while their husband's eat catered in lunches? i'm not bitter.

layne, as usual you find something not to like about your food. you are so picky. i do not know where you get that from because i eat everything! jk. you're just like me. i told you that you couldn't go swimming later unless you ate it. so you did. the girls dominated as usual.

in the afternoon, daddy came home early and watched you guys while i did a photoshoot. it's always a treat when your father gets to come home early!
i took pictures of a sweet family and then headed home so we could go to your grandparent's house to swim.
(flying and fearless child!)

penelope slept most of the time we were there.
i tried to get in but it was sooooo cold. layne, you and i threw the ball to each other while daddy pretended to try and throw me in.

daddy also shot the water gun in people's ears and wrestled your grandfather in the pool. what fun! why do boys play like that?
lila you played with isaac most of the time, because he's the cutest filipino nugget around.

(layne's "relaxed" float...otherwise known as sinking)

we ate dinner there (score!)and then headed home around bed time...7ish. right when we got home, i walked out the door with my bestie to do a craft night for the upcoming women's conference at our church.
(look how intently i am working, as if doing it for the Lord. emily is hiding behind her white hair.)

(we made these cute little tassels that my friend laura is displaying)

 it was fun to hang out and catch up with my friends! i got home around 10 and went to bed.
exhasuted. as usual. but very happy to be living the life we live. now onto tomorrow where a new adventure begins! 


  1. I really love your little space on here.
    Been following along with your "adventures" for about a year?
    Was sent over from Casey Leigh & can really appreciate all that you offer through your words and pictures!
    thank you for being you on here - so inspiring ;)

  2. aaron gets to get out with work every darn day! I get force fed cheddar rockets. i'm not bitter either... haha!

  3. I love this post, it's always interesting to read how other mothers spend their days.
    But the thing I loved most about this post was this little sentence: 'there will be other seasons in life i'll get to study more deeply, but now is not that time.'
    It really struck a chord with me and it filled me with a sense of relief and grace. It even inspired me to write a blog post.
    Thank you!

    Happy weekend!

    Maria @ Micha and ME

  4. A wonderful day--even the child who won't eat--because that is REAL!

  5. The three moments I almost had a heart attack:

    The black and white chevron vase on your mantle. Don't let it fall!

    The flying baby. Don't let her drop!

    Layne in the pool. Don't let him sink!

    Loved your day. :)

  6. Sometimes the very best days are just plain ordinary days. Love that about life!! You're a sweet Mama, Jami!!

  7. I love all your pictures. :0) just want to hug you! :0)

  8. I love all your pictures. :0) just want to hug you! :0)

  9. Laughing at the so-true depiction of a real day. Loving the picture of you and your man. :) So sweet. And yes, almond butter sandwiches and fruit here too.

  10. A full and precious day. Really love your blog. Thank you sharing the way that you do.

  11. Such a great peak into your daily life! I love how real it is, with fingernail polish on sheets, meltdowns, and all!

  12. peeing while running. i laughed! i ran today. a yard maybe, and my bladder felt like it weighed ten pounds. Sound familiar? :)

  13. em's hair is so long! see you tomorrow player.

  14. day in the life is my favorite kinda post lady! thanks:) also, are you going to update on your change in stylings in your house? I also love the Novogratz's and am pumped to see what direction you're going in!

  15. for the record, my tassles were the best.


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