Monday, May 20, 2013

haiti: how you can help

so i've been bombarding you with images and stories from haiti. i just couldn't do it all in one post. it was too much to take in and a lot to process. and honestly, i'm still processing.

but i did want to tell you guys how you can help if you're interested. i know everyone has different passions and different places and causes that tug at their heart, so perhaps you're already giving and doing and involved. but my hunch is many of us aren't involved in global causes. thinking back to even a year ago, global world views and causes seemed pretty overwhelming to me. and if i'm honest, i was pretty stuck in my own world to see. but now that i've seen haiti with my own eyes, the despair, the need, the naked and hungry, i want to use my voice to shout, HELP!

babies like your babies are hungry and naked and don't know how to read or write.
HELP! babies like your babies don't have clean water and baths and medical care.
HELP! babies like your nieces and nephews are without parents and skills to help them succeed.
HELP! it's real! it's not just pictures! i saw them naked on the side of the road with distended bellies.
those are real children. with no parents, with so much pain. they need to hear about Jesus and they need schooling, skills, water, food, medicine... and they need hope.

praise God that he asked me to go and sit in the despair. and that he gave me the opportunity to go and really see it. to hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it.

those uncomfortable, hot 5 days helped me see that it wasn't about just going once, it's about long suffering love and long term care. it's not about bandaids and bandwagons or just jumping in and out of a country and saying, phew! glad that's not where i live! that God says, be in this with them. don't look away. praise Him that there are organizations that are already established working alongside haiti to bring the hope of the gospel and long term care in to a seemingly overwhelming situation.

i needed to be overwhelmed by it all. so that i would be overwhelmed with the God that is big and tireless. i needed to be caught up in the giant waves of poverty and suffering to see How big my savior is. to look at a motherless child and scream, HELP! this is so much more than i knew!
i needed to be bombarded by my own blindness to see Him who exceeds my very small view of the world.

maybe you're like me and you just needed someone to tell you and show you that it's real.

to say: there's a village in haiti that has 250 kids in it. 25 are orphans that live in the orphanage, another 25 come in from the village everyday to attend the school at the orphanage.

but what happens to the other 200 kids?

Les Prouty is the Executive Director of the Haiti Orphan Project. he said,  we pray that they get sponsored. and we wait. we have no choice...we just don't have the ends for it.

i said, well what's sponsoring look like? 

he said, 20 bucks a month let's a kid learn to read and write and more importantly, they get to hear the gospel.

so a shirt? eating out one time? starbucks here and there? that's it?
les, i have to tell people about this. they have to know how simple it is. how inexpensive it is to bring hope to a child.

that's what you can do to help. you can give to the haiti orphan project. my dream and my prayer is that all of those 200 kids, some of who i saw on the side of the road as we drove into the orphanage, would be sponsored quickly and fully. that my readers would not turn away. that we would ask God to expand our view of the world. and maybe he does it simply through our wallets.

or maybe you'll go. and see it. les said, tell your friends to come and see it with their own eyes. they have trips scheduled throughout the year. maybe you'll grab your friends and go. maybe you'll send your kids and your husband.

and can we all just pray? there is so much suffering going on in the country of haiti. pray for those sweet children. for widows, orphans, and families that are struggling to keep their family together. and for the gospel to be spread and accepted!

to sponsor a child for a month, go here. 
click monthly tuition and you can choose one kid or 2 or 3 to sponsor!
in the description box,  please write KCMO tuition so they know that you are specifically sending the $20 to help the children in the village go to school. i'm hoping my readers will kind of own this specific area. (or at least this is my prayer!)
will you pray about this? post it? tell your friends? we can't look away any longer.