Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bundle giveaway! winner takes all.

here's the deal:
you guys are wonderful and supportive and awesome. one of the things i like about blogging is the chance to give stuff away from some great companies. so, instead of making it complicated, winner takes all 9 things!

enter only through the rafflecopter and not with comments on this blog. winner will be picked next week.

here's what you can win:


this awesome dress from hipknoties (sounds like hypnotize)that you can wear in 100 ways! ok, maybe just THIRTY different ways...but that's pretty amazing. i actually met the owner in the airport last month after i complimented her on her super cute dress. 

she was super sweet and super generous and offered to give one to my readers! check them out.
here's a little video on how it works.

and i tried it on today and have basically decided i want to live in it. it's so comfortable and super easy to maneuver different styles. HUGE fan. 

she is too adorable. and what a smart chicken!


the sneaky chef bundle!

have you heard of the sneaky chef? i love them so much! they use creative tips and tricks to hide fruit and vegetables in recipes and have some great products like veggie packed pasta sauce and no nut butter that are delicious. i was scared to try the no nut butter, but was surprised at how much it really tasted like peanut butter. we tried it all and it was actually really good. and really sneaky with all those veggies hidden in there. basically,  if my kids will eat it, so will yours! they are pretty genius.

you'll get the cookbook, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals, a jar of vegetable loaded pasta sauce, and a jar of no nut "peanut" butter(great for allergies).

you can keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter

this amazing 11X14 print from the talented jaime rovenstine. so gorgeous.

seriously drooling over her stuff! and her show in KC (in the crossroads) is still up through may if you're in town. check it out.

Website // Etsy 

one of these amazing reversible bags from this wonderful company called no.41 . when you purchase this bag, it not only provides a stable job and sustainable income, you are also providing lunch for local secondary school students. FOR ONE child, FOR ONE meal, FOR ONE year.
this company provides skills training and sustainable income to orphaned and vulnerable young women living in rwanda. these women in turn, use their gifts and talents to give back to the local community through a school feeding program! 
and check out there other cute stuff.

consider them for gifts and do 2 things at once: contribute to something beautiful and give an amazingly cute gift. 

you guys know how i love vintage and modest dresses? well, meet Shabby Apple! they are an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage dresses and retro styles... and oh my word, can i have my whole wardrobe from them?! you'll get a $50 gift card to spend on this fabulousness.

you can see more of their selection here. but can you tell i like stripes?

this 8X10 print from bow + arrow and a father's day card!
these prints are darling! and don't we need reminders like this hanging in our kitchens and bedrooms? 

taryne with norwex is giving away an enviro cloth and a window cloth. norwex is committed to providing people with a complete line of products that are better for your health and better for the environment. 
these cloths are their best sellers and you can clean lots of things with wonderful results using only water. it's like a miracle cloth!

they sell everything from cleaning products to face creams! check 'em out.

this crazy gorgeous necklace from wifeysinger.
basically. hannah singer is the jam. stalk her.

shop | blog | facebook | twitter | instagram 
and this last item. stop it, right now. a tee pee pillow from sharp tooth studio? i will take 100!
and did you know that the profits she makes from her shop go towards helping the orphans in haiti? so great.

etsy//sharptoothstudio@gmail.com//instagram: @samanthapriddy


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  1. wait! how do you know jaime rovenstine? her family goes to my church and she is married to my pastor's nephew! small world.

  2. Shut up. I want ALL of this! I never enter giveaways (yes, even yours) cause I'll never win but I couldn't pass this one up. ;)


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