Wednesday, April 3, 2013

showing my real

hello frands.

i'm posting over here on courtney's blog in a series called, show your real. it's pretty great because mom's are telling the truth about what their days looks like, what patterns they have that aren't all that helpful, and basically, a good old-fashioned dose of the truth. you know i like the truth.

often we look at pictures and think lives are perfect, when they're not. when we start telling the truth about what's happening in our lives, it's like a weight lifted off. no more pretending. and guess what, the only way you can get the help you need is if you let people know what's really going on. and the the only way to see how giant your need is for the cross is by acknowledging the truth of how much you need help. we all fall so short.

now the only way we can acknowledge these things, fess up to them, and then not wallow in shame is by believing what God says about us: we are enough because of Jesus. not because of the way we wife and mother and take pictures and blog and present ourselves. we are enough and perfect because of the way Jesus was presented on the cross and on our behalf.

ok i'll stop. why can't i just write something small. geez.

go check it out!