Wednesday, April 10, 2013

remember when it was easter?

ya. i'm going to write about easter now because who cares that i'm super late.

i will not write like i normally do. i will only share pictures with captions! it will blow your minds.

i may or may not think of stealing my niece, charlie. often. she is the sweetest and cutest child ever born to man or monkey.

if sweet and chubby isaac didn't cry when he was with me, i would also steal him.

lila is not wearing corrective tennis shoes. those are available just right off the shelves compliments of new balance.
june is concerned about life as usual, but enjoys people even if they overwhelm her. and penelope is there to be the designated driver. as usual.

lila was very concerned with finding the egg, then immediately opening the egg and eating the candies on the spot. she subsequently only got 6 eggs because of her slow and tedious routine.

like baby isaac, chubby kingston also didn't appreciate me or my jokes. i however, appreciated his coral pants and popped collar.

oh hey, it's time for baby charlie again. her legs are marvelous.

i told you i was a little obsessed. she's wearing a sailor suit with no pants and a denim jacket. i mean, c'mon. 
consider yourself stoled, charletta!

cousin george basically made this face most of the day. he does not appreciate chaos/sharing toys/other humans and would give a smile if coerced, but i liked his serious hermit demeanor more.

penelope's appearance was a hot mess. i don't know if i need to explain that we know she has a mullet and still don't cut it... but it makes us sound like bad parents. she is still a cute turtle, though.

i'm not sure why this picture is in here but i'll just leave it and call it abstract art.

if there's one thing that symbolizes easter, it's an unsafe tractor ride. what?

hang on for your lives, children.
here, june is having an incredibly good time. lila is waiving like a princess and george is simply grunting with delight. penelope sat quietly the entire time, taking all of the dysfunction in.

it ain't easter if there's not money in the eggs, i always say.
lila's celebratory dance when she found $5. i feel the same way when i use a coupon or find money in my back pocket.

this is just cute. so here's a picture of cute humans.

uh oh. mom and dad needed a dance break. they are taking dance classes and wanted to show off their moves. i think dad was just trying to grind with her because he had no recognizable dance steps.

margaritas were involved at this dance party. we all joined in, don't worry. luckily, i was behind the camera.
june, again is scared for her life.

layne and george took a motorcycle ride, where layne kept his "cool face" on the whole time even though george was painfully gripping his chest.

this is a giant table filled with many filipinos. my dad was telling a story that was probably some sort of exaggeration and everyone was a little bit scared. but they gave many courtesy laughs. and isn't nato's mom adorbs? she's the one standing with white pants. 

and this year was the year of the pants for us. colored pants for all and to all a good night!

happy easter. enjoy our random.


  1. Most favorite part - Natos pipe while riding piggy back on the tractor. So fun!

  2. mind=blown.

    your dad is maybe my favorite person on this internet because he rode your sister's boyfriend down the stairs, so I appreciate any and all references to him.

  3. happy easterz!
    loving all the small humans. especially charlie and her legs. ADORABLE.
    excellent family. and easter pants.
    i always say the same thing, easter ain't easter without cash money eggs.

  4. This was a super fun post! I love the care-free and joyful feelings in these photos!
    Glad to see you and your family had a lovely Easter!


  5. My baby was twins with baby Isaac on Easter, blue button down, same Target yellow gingham bowtie. Except he is a pasty white infant.

  6. Well, aren't you all, the cutest family.
    LOVE, love the pic of Lila's $5. dance :) & Nato on the back of a tractor with a pipe..
    Adorable, just plain adorable...
    (I really think you have WAY TOO much fun : )

  7. oh my gosh, George's expression reminds me of one willa does when she is being shy or is scared. such serious children.

  8. I love a good caption post. Penelope? Adorable.

  9. your mom is pretty. so is that kitchen. oh and happy two weeks ago easter.

  10. Is this an appropriate time/space for me to tell you that your humorous captions make me shoot snot from my nose when laughing? probably not. Oh well.

  11. It certainly FEELS like it was just Easter. :)

  12. i can't believe you all wore colored pants.

  13. They are adorable pants and I love your color! Can you tell me what brand they are?

  14. Bahaha! So hilarious... Charlie is super adorable.

  15. Love this post! Your family is so happy and exciting! I love that last photo! :)

    Ngaio xx

  16. Easter doesn't end until Pentecost, so you're not late! :) Thanks for sharing the pics...the kids all look so joyful and sweet!

  17. This was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever read. Looooved it!

  18. This is seriously one of the funniest posts I've ever read and another reason why you have become one of my fav bloggers. Looooved it. I especially love anything to do with mullet child.

  19. Beautiful, happy, crazy family. Love this post.

  20. I am pretty sure penelope's hair doo is called a shullet. Its the female version of the mullet. And I think she rocks it.

  21. I would really enjoy it if we could be friends. It would make my day. You are hilarious and my kind of gal :) We live in the boondocks of Washington and there are all kinds of dangerous tractors to ride on...aaaaand mullets. I think your baby girl is rocking hers. And every mom needs their girls to have those awkward hair moments to be documented and used against them as blackmail in their teen years. My oldest is working some extra large two front teeth right now and Im loving it :)

  22. You know what I felt like... I felt like that photo of Lila dancing... someday that photo is going to bring a rush of emotion. Someday when you're past the hardest parts. When you're more sure of her blooming. I feel like you'll look back at THAT picture and remember all the things you feel now... and you'll know how He's been faithful. So faithful. I love that picture to bits!


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