Monday, April 15, 2013

if i had a little shop

when we were on vacation in phoenix, my very favorite place to eat was Le Grande Orange. pronounced leh-grahn-Oh-juan-j if you're pretending to be french and smoking one of those long cigarettes.

it was a bakery, and coffee shop, a gift boutique and on the other side of the store, a pizzeria. that's a lot for one place, but they did it well. it was always buzzing with people coming in and out. and rightly so, the treats were incredible and the pizza was swoon worthy. i felt really inspired just sitting there watching the people and the shop and all they had to offer. everything really fresh, on trend,  and of course, it was a little pricy. also why do i like commas so much? i used them like 40 times just now.

anyway, back to what i was saying. i felt really inspired, it was kind of like someone compiled all their favorite things and turned it into a shopping experience. for a high price, no less (which hurt my soul) but in the moment, on think, that's a one of a kind find. that's so cute. this is perfect for so and so. if only i was a millionaire.

but, i thought, if i had a shop of things that i just adore right now, what would i put in it? here are a few items...

this cookbook, called Fresh Easy: What to Cook and How to Cook it by jane hornby there and it knocked my socks off. i wouldn't buy it there because it was $20 cheaper on amazon(duh).  it arrived a couple days ago and the art work, the pictures, and the recipes are so incredible. get this. you will not be sorry. do you know someone who loves to cook? a new bride? gah! i just want to buy it for everyone. i've made 2 recipes from it already and my husband almost fell on the floor. and if i told him how easy it was, he would laugh at me.

a friend got me this modesty dish when she stayed in my attic. i use it for my rings by the sink and i just love it.

a variety of ice cream/ scoopers that i use to make cookies. these come in a 3 pack because sometimes you want mini's and sometimes you want giants.  i use the largest scoop for cookies most of the time, i'm not going to lie. it makes the cookie feel extra special when guests come looks like it's from a bakery. now that i don't eat sugar except on sundays, i feel like i need a giant cookie if i'm going to eat one. ha. sigh...

Hunter wellies... these are pricy. and i don't pay big bucks all the time for much of anything actually. but my husband bought these and they have been amazing. they're really tall and really well made. mine are in apple green and i can't find those, but i loved these gray ones.

my favorite jeans in the whole wide world are from, you guessed it...shade clothing. this denim is stretchy, but doesn't stretch out. it is higher waisted than most denim and covers a mutitude of sins. i'm pretty much never buying another kind of denim ever in my life. and right now, they are 40% off. run, don't walk over there and snag some.
their tank tops are like $5 on clearance right now as well and are also my favorites.

The ESV Study Bible. when i read my bible, i often need something explained! this is an incredible resource. it's not fluffy and it's not a devotional, it's straight up getting learned. i heart it so much. if you are looking for a way to learn more about God, this study bible explains a ton as you read through verses.

and The Jesus Storybook Bible for the kids. it makes me cry. so so so good. and can i say i've learned a lot from a children's bible?

this swimsuit from modcloth is the freaking jam. full coverage, and yet amazingly cute with a vintage touch. i have the black and cream polka dot one...amaaaaaazing. shape is so great for any figure. it's pricy but i think worth it's weight in gold.

Mrs. Meyer's Geranium cleaner, i adore your geranium scent. i know this isn't super hippie or handmade, but i do love the smell so so so much. it truly smells like spring and summer in a bottle. and if you can be happy because of a smell while cleaning, then do it!

one of my favorite restaurants in KC wraps thier silverware in white dish towels . it's kind of a fancy restaurant decor wise, but then you sit down and feel like you don't need to be a fancy lady. because hey, these are dish towels and you feel at home. i don't know...there are so many cute dishtowels to choose from at anthro and target, but white gets me every time.

colored handles on wooden spoons ! so i priced these out to DIY them and it's basically the same to have someone do it for you. so that's a win. i use wooden spoons for everything. EVERYTHING. so why can't they be cute?

succulent plants. i can't get enough of can buy them at home depot or lowes for $2.50. they are great gifts for friends...potted or not. and they are super cute on your table. plus it's really hard to kill them because they rarely need watering. yay for dessert plants.

(now, i didn't put anything in here from etsy. there are too many cute things to choose from.)


  1. Love this post! These are always my favorite kind of posts on booted. Way too many great things out there that not everbody knows about. I need white skinny jeans & peachy pink skinny jeans but have to wait until next month since I bought a super cute chambray shirt at Target this month (which I will wear tomorrow in honor of turtlenecks of the toosh. I mean heart.) Lots of Monday love! And yes....I want the cookbook too. Can that be considered an essential item? Then I can justify the purchase...I mean, its pretty essential that we eat, so...yeah. done.

    1. Posts on booted??? What the heck, auto-correct?! I think I meant on blogs. But I'm just not even sure anymore.

  2. We looooove the Jesus Storybook Bible. We read it as part of our bedtime routine every night. And seeing as our daughter is only 8 months, it's mostly just for us right now, and I still learn and am challenged. Love it.

  3. I like your taste!
    Succulents, the boots (there is NO substitute for Hunter Wellies!) and your store should totally have a French name to sound oooh-la-la.

  4. I have the swimsuit and the study bible and LOVE them both. You are so right about the swimsuit being for any figure. best. suit. ever.

    I'll have to try the cookbook out- sounds like it would be helpful even for someone who knows as little about cooking as i do! Thanks for the great list!

  5. i would like all of this. thanks.

  6. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible!! I read parts of it aloud to my teen girls during our weekly Bible Study. Now they get super disappointed if I don't bring it! haha I just ordered the wooden spoons! This morning I was thinking that I'd like some with a pop of color -- brilliant timing! ;)

  7. Oh I love my Hunters - I have them in that gray color. They cost as much as my wedding dress (truth) but I love them so. I am happy when it rains because then I can wear my Hunties.

  8. I love it when you do these posts! I also love what things you pick out. :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries while reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. My kid thinks I'm weird (just wait, I say to him, until you are a teenager) but it just blesses my heart so much. And the last's not the end, it's to be continued...COME QUICKLY JESUS! I love it.

  10. ummm, how did I miss that you came to phx? i can't believe you were in my hood and i didn't get to see you. boo :(

    on another note- so glad you shared about Shade. I'm ordering some much needed summer items today.

  11. I just put those ice cream scoops in my Amazon cart. Love me some big cookies.

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loses it over the Storybook Bible.

  13. Are the scoopers able to scoop ice cream? I bought some in the past and they were pretty flimsy. These seem like such a good deal though.... thanks!

  14. Um, ya, I just ordered 125 dollars worth of stuff from Shade, thankyouverymuch.
    I threw a pair of those jeans in the cart, a couple tanks, henleys, and a couple skirt. All of that for not so much and free shipping. HOLLA! and if it doesn't fit my 5 month postpartum self, then I send it on back fo free, yo! Thanks for your Shade-y tip on a great online shop!

  15. Just saw this post about La Grande Orange. I used to live in PHX and I LOVE that place..Hope you got to taste the homemade english muffins! They are the size of a saucer.

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  17. Jamie, Question: I bought the shade jeans and ADORE them! I want them in black too but I've had such bad luck with black jeans bleeding all over my white shirt or on my hands (!!!) or light colored furniture. Do you have them? Any thoughts on whether they bleed? Thanks!


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