Friday, April 19, 2013

happy friday: iced coffee giveaway!

do you like coffee? i don't. ha. but my husband does! he's a coffee snob for sure. those annoying people that only drink a certain kind...he won't even drink starbucks. which again, makes me think he's really snobby. but then again, i don't know anything about coffee.

(don't you smile when you drink fancy coffee?)

all that to say, the kind people at foolish things coffee in tulsa, OK sent us some coffee to try and it knocked my husbands socks off. i was a little surprised that he loved it so much because of his die hard love for a local coffee company in KC.

now, i almost drank the coffee just for the cute marketing and great glass bottles. but then i remembered i don't like coffee. so that was sad.

so here's what they say about their bottles:

(it's like i wanted you to know he's married)

this is a drink that wants to be shared! We sell them in 32oz bottles which are reminiscent of wine bottles. We want to sell a product that a group of friends would buy, share together, and sip slowly as they enjoy each other's company. We also wanted to create something that is completely new to reinforce coffee as something other than a compliment to orange juice. Coffee is complex and intriguing in its own right and needs a little help to live down the reputation of "something to get me going in the morning." Just as there is a renaissance of craft cocktails now in the US that argues alcohol is no longer primarily for getting wasted, there is also a renaissance in the coffee industry (albeit more modestly) that says coffee is no longer primarily for waking up. This is why we have created the drink in the way we did. We borrow tools and processes from the cocktail industry to reinforce the idea of engaging coffee properly. As it turns out, oak aging coffee is pretty stinkin' good!

if you want to win a bottle, we're doing the giveaway by instagram ( @jaminato) . you can repost the picture i have up there for your chance to win! this giveaway will end on monday.

and if you're in tulsa, go check this place out. it seriously looks like such a fun place! and if you want them to send you some bottles of this magic, just contact them for pricing. think about in your mailbox, not from a drive through.

mind. blown.

happy friday,

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