Saturday, March 9, 2013

took the plunge.

ok so i took the plunge and bought a swimsuit from modcloth. see how i made that awesome pun?
i tried it on and it is the jam. total bun coverage, total chest coverage and fits great with ruching in all the right places. plus i look like i'm from the 50's and for some reason, i really like that. so yes, i would recommend this suit 100 times. they have them in a lot of other colors and patterns but of course i went for the polka dots. if you're going to buy one, absolutely go one size up (if you're a 6, get an 8).

i can't tell you how in love i am with products this company offers...did i mention their dresses? shut the front door. just shut it and then shut it again. and then one more time. ok i'll stop.

and don't you forget to look in the sale section. all these dresses were under $40.

when you sign up, you get $15 so that will help with the old budget. 
happy saturday!