Thursday, March 14, 2013

the sara jane project

have you guys heard about the sara jane project (formerly bunnies for buganda)?

it's pretty awesome, 2 amazing gals came up with the idea to make a business that allows them to  comfort children, provide employment for mothers and young women in Uganda and raise funds for families seeking to bring children home through adoption! by making BUNNIES! 

when you buy a bunny, you're supporting an amazing cause. and for every bunny you purchase, they give one away to a child in uganda. i just absolutely love that.
i'm giving these to my kids on easter...a bunny seems fitting. but it's not a regular bunny. one of my heart's desires is to give my kids a larger world view, to help them see that their lives are very different in america than many, many other children's lives around the world. when i give them the bunnies, i want them to look at the precious tag and say, you got this bunny and he got a bunny too! redemption embodies the spirit of the easter celebration and redemption lives here in these precious children and precious women, working.  it makes me cry as i write that. 

chalice says: So here’s how all of this works: When you purchase a bunny here, I send a ‘twin’ bunny  to a child in Uganda on (or around) Christmas day and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Todd family to put toward the numerous expenses that come in pursuing adoption.

In 2011 for our first Christmas bunny drop while I was in Uganda, we were able to deliver 128 bunnies to the kids at the children’s hospital in Jinja. This past year we more than doubled that number and were able to present more than 300 children with bunnies in a slum community just outside of Jinja. This coming year I’d love nothing more than to continue to see that number rise so that my once small idea might continually transform into His global force for the Kingdom in which those who are hurt can be comforted, those without families may come home to their mother and father, and those who are lost can be found.
Now, as the Sara Jane Project continues to grow and expand, and I surprisingly find myself as a small business owner, my desire is to continue to give generously as I have been a recipient of generous grace. I hope to always use this platform of selling beautiful Ugandan hand-made loveys to both show love by giving a lovey to a child living in poverty, as well as give to fundraising efforts of those seeking to claim the fatherless as their children by adopting them into their families.
i am in love with chalice and in love with God's purpose he's put in her heart. what a great opportunity for this of us who will likely never go to other countries, support someone who can and is doing great things in uganda.


  1. adore everything about this. <3

  2. I just ordered one for my little brother! I have never heard of this project, but it tugs at my heart strings. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is so wonderful!! Some friends of mine started a non profit called Because of Hope that allows women from Uganda to sell their jewelry here in the states, all money going back to them! They recently started a scholarship program, so that girls can go to school without their families having to worry about funding it. It's amazing to watch God work in this, He makes all things possible <3

  4. Love this, Jami. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this!


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