Thursday, February 7, 2013

when it shouts at you.

i was reading psalm 121 today. and something struck me.
that happens when you get in God's word. you've read something a jillion times and then you read it differently one day.

God is surprising.

lift up my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come? 
My help comes from the Lord,who made heaven and earth.

that last part was shouting at me.

it was like, why do you fret? your help comes from the one who made stars and made the sky and built the mountains and made oceans know where to stop.

why do you think he can't do this one thing

i sing those songs in church and i tell others, God is able! but why do i fret and worry over all sorts of things? why do i not seek his counsel and make my own plans? why do i say, God can do this but he probably won't? 

because i am forgetful.

i have forgotten that God is bigger than i can imagine . how can i believe what i've forgotten? 

Lord, heal my unbelief.

this is why i need to constantly bathe in God's words spoken to us. i forget so easily who God is and who He says i am when i read the book of the world and let it seep down into my heart. wisdom that looks wise but is foolish. wisdom that sounds like the truth but did not come from God washes over me every day.

find the answers within!

be better!
just find the balance!
live for yourself!
you deserve better!
if it makes you happy...!

i am bombarded by lies every day and every minute that are skillfully disguised as answers and saviors. life jackets with sinking weights attached.

because i am not the answer to my prayers. how depressing is that thought? (i'm a terrible savior i've discovered. always falling short.)
nor is being better, finding "balance" or chasing happiness. those are all equally depressing and quite elusive. unsatisfying.

what i need is the something bigger than me. outside of me transforming my rotten inside. what i need is something powerful, miraculous, alive, never sleeping, never tiring. 

He will not let your foot be moved;
he who keeps you will not slumber
behold, he who keeps Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

i need to believe that my helper is the one that made the heaven's and the earth. not me, who is always tired...who has to sleep...who has not made mountains and oceans and stars. 

what a great relief. what great hope. that this is the God who calls me his daughter. 


  1. It's so comforting to know that when we are at our most vulnerable (unconscious and sleeping), He is not! He watches over us, making sure our hearts still beat and our lungs still get the air they need. Amazing - to think the God who made the heavens and earth also intimately cares for His sons and daughters. Thanks for the post Jami!

  2. Every time I put my agenda ahead of God's, he reminds me that "He is the way, the truth and the life." Sometimes he reminds with a gentle touch on the shoulder; most of the time, though, it is a much bigger push. I pray every day that I will follow the path that He has put before me.

  3. "Life jackets with sinking weights attached."

    Amazing metaphor.

    Thanks for these truthful reminders today - I am not my own savior, and that is the biggest relief I can imagine.

  4. Ok...I'm officially weirded out. Why do you voice all the thoughts of my head? I was just thinking about the verse "Do not fret, it only leads to evil." (Psalm something, something---on the left side, right column, half-way down the page). All the struggles of my mind result from lack of trust...and lack of trust is a result of not understanding His love & grace. (P.S. I wrote a song a while back that ties Psalm 121 with 2 Kings 6:8-16) Thanks for sharing, Jami!

  5. dude. if you have a word from the Lord for me just say it why don't you. "i am not the answer to my prayers." oh amen. and yet i run around pretending i can be. when i see my worry.. my unbelief.. held up for what it is... i cry for what my heart longs to be and yet i am so human. and he still loves me fiercely. so so good. oh and um... you are on my midwest bucket list. yeah that's right. prepare yourself. and your attic. i'm packing my turtlenecks.

  6. exactly. thanks jami. i needed this.

  7. what a relief that no maker how foolish we are, how many times we wander, we are still his daughters and he will find us. even if it's just with "shouting" our name. We are never out of his sight. still, its a little embarrassing for us how many times we"ll do it. very humbling.

  8. This post was a great reminder for me today... I stumbled onto your blog a week ago and really enjoy it.

  9. Been an avid reader of your blog for some time now, but this post really struck a chord with me! I've been doing the Soul Detox devo plan with the SheReadsTruth community and it's been focusing on toxic thoughts - and I have come to discover that one of my toxic thoughts is this idea that my fears of not being in control means that I live life not trusting God! the God who created all things! Thank you for this reminder again this afternoon!

  10. You are absolutely right ...beautifully written! Thank you Marisa

  11. You are absolutely right ...beautifully written! Thank you Marisa

  12. Yep. Creator of the universe. Bigger than our problems. Hand is on our lives.

  13. i was reading sally lloyd jones' "thoughts to make your heart sing." please tell me you have it??? anyways it was along the same lines. God holds the oceans in his hands, and how much more does he hold me. amaze balls.

  14. love love love your honesty in your words. i am in the middle of a very challenging fast for the purpose of completely undoing my insides. things in me are stuck and need movement or are completely out of control and need God's reign. God bless you and your home. may He continue to use your words to share of His amazing love.

  15. Truth! This reminds me of Jason Gray's song "Remind Me Who I Am" ( we forget that we're children of a God "who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think" (Ephesians)-- so good!

  16. I learned that in that day they put their gods and idols up on high places and mountaintops so what David is saying is "I look to the high places. Does my help come from there? No!! MY Helpcomes from The Lord, maker of heaven and earth!"

  17. I learned that in that day they put their gods and idols up on high places and mountaintops so what David is saying is "I look to the high places. Does my help come from there? No!! MY Helpcomes from The Lord, maker of heaven and earth!"

  18. I think when you realize that you will never grasp how deep, far, & wide God's love extends, you can really rest in that peace. For me, rest combats worry best of all :) what a great reminder this morning. Thanks girl!

  19. Love this, girlie!! Read Isaiah 51 this am and heard the same message from The Lord.

  20. amen amen. reading this again today, praising jesus for the TRUTH and relief! xo

  21. Thank you for sharing these words! God used them to speak loud and clear to me last night.
    I feel like I've been living out this line lately "why do i say, God can do this but he probably won't?". I think it's time to start that and live by faith :)

  22. Ah! So true and I hear ya! I felt led to Psalm 91 this morning and I was thinking "really Lord? Psalm 91?" but it reached out and grabbed with the SAME message you wrote here..."AM I NOT GOD?" - I literally teared up reading it and being so overwhelmed by His goodness. Our Father who loves us and never wants our hearts and minds distracted by things He has told us not to fear OVER and OVER in scripture. Ugh, He's so good. Thanks Jami.


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