Tuesday, February 12, 2013

turtlenecks of the heart tuesday

today is the day to wear your turtlenecks. just kidding. although if you do wear a dickie, you will be my hero. some of you are like, what's a dickie. it's a faux turtleneck that you wear under a sweater. here it is, you can see it popping through (inspirational) cousin eddie's thin sweater in christmas vacation.

sometimes an entire turtleneck can just be too confining. i need to be free to move and stretch and dance in my sweater. and i need to sweat directly onto my sweater, because it saves on washing 2 things. these are just a few perks to the dickie.

also disclaimer: just wearing a dickie and nothing else is not modest. 

what i'm trying to say is that today is the day to wear modest clothing and show the interwebz/social media that modesty can be fashionable/cute/amazeballs.
here i am trying to take a picture and getting photobombed by a child. story of my life.

there's nothing crazy about this picture. i'm not super fashionable. i'm not ahead of the trends. i'm a gal who wears normal people clothes that will surely get dominated during the day by dirt, food, and various bodily functions of children. too much? you're welcome. the point is, i'm wearing modest clothing and i'm proud of it. you should be too. 

so, i'm not adding a linky thing here. if you're going to dig through your closet and show off your modesty and blog it, then just add your link in the comments and we'll all stop by to get some inspiration.
if you want to play along on instagram or twitter, use hashtag #turtlenecksoftheheart so that we can all find each other and encourage one another to keep our clothes on. i mean, if watching beyonce at the superbowl didn't make you want to wear more clothes, you are surely a robot. 

also, in my brain,  i'm working on a graphic that involves a heart wearing a turtleneck. i just made myself laugh...but am totally serious. if you guys are illustrators, work on something and maybe we'll have a little competition to see which illustration wins. complete with prizes and an extra jewel in your crown in heaven. what? i don't know. email me your image though and i'll blog it next tuesday. on turtlenecks of the heart tuesday. so nerdy and so amazing. but better than #toopraisytodressracy 

so! get to work telling others that modesty is the jam.

p.s. my playlist is back...it's at the bottom of the blog. if you want to hear it, you'll have to press play as it doesn't automatically start. 


  1. I love that you are doing this! If I can take a picture of myself in the work bathroom without getting too embarrassed I will post on instagram. Ha!

  2. You're a HOOT! I'm with you on this! COVER UP THE GOODS!!!

  3. Ha! My MIL wears dickeys. I cannot get down with that, but I'll wear a regular t-neck.
    Love your idea--sorry I don't twitter or instagram.

  4. you.are.so.skinny.


  5. you.are.so.skinny.


  6. This will require getting out if my pjs. Although my pjs are quite modest.

  7. You are the coolest Jami NATO ever. Mostly because you managed to use cousin Eddie in a blog post about modesty. Win.

  8. NO!! Scratch the jewel in your crown- the prize MUST be a Dickie!!!

    I am dying at this post. For we surely sported the dickie when I was a kid. Or my mom did, and I just dug through her entire closet and stole things when I was 12. Lordy, I wish I had a picture.

    ps- Maybe you could just wear your modesty dickie on V Day. (For your husband, of course. What husband wouldn't be on board). You know, instead of trying to find some sort of turtleneck lingere. ;)

  9. i hate the word dickie. it makes me uncomfortable.

  10. i used to giggle at the word dickie when i was little. nope, correction, still do. also beyonce was terrifying and modesty is the jam. thank you jami nato.

  11. I'd like to recall the turlenecks of childhood...where your Mom pulled it over your head and for a few (hundred) seconds you blacked out because it was so tight and you couldn't gasp for air. And/or taking it off involved re-shaping your nose.

    Modesty is sexy. Anyone can be naked.

    1. I just lol'd over that flashback from my childhood. There were a LOT of turtlenecks in my closet.

  12. you know i'm all about this.
    that movie, i can't deal with it.
    are we still friends?
    hate to lose my attic space over the griswolds.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. bridget,
      if you go back and read through the comments of the first and second modesty post, you'll find that a lot of women, even christian women disagree with me. i am a believer and i find it tempting to wear immodest clothes, so i am my target audience...to say that i'm targeting "white trash" women is really judgmental. because i'm trashy in my heart and so are you. we all crave attention by lots of different means, i'm just talking about clothing here.

      and i will always "preach" to myself and to other women the Gospel...which is find your hope in God and not the approval of others. that will have an impact on your clothing. and it will look different for everyone, so i'm not going to go into detailed lists of what's ok for christian women to wear. i'm not everyone's conscience. i only know that God asks us to be modest and that we should take our clothes to him in prayer. frankly, amish women think my skinny jeans are immodest...so everyone has to do their own soul searching and see what God wants them to do.

      more importantly, it's a heart issue. if we forget the "why" we are modest, we are on our way to becoming legalists. these posts are simply things i'm inspired by.

      secondly, i post a lot of pictures on the modesty posts, either of me or of things i find that are modest. so i'm not sure how much more i can do. i am a mother of 3 children and am writing about a lot of other things as well. i just did a swimsuit post and i will try and do a work out one. but i prefer the yoga pants with a big t-shirt. i'm not sure how fashionable that is. ha!

      and third, there is a hashtag (above) we are using now with real women wearing modest clothes. there is so much inspiration there!
      hope none of that offended you. :)

  14. Every Friday I post #fashionablefridays with my modest outfits of the week. I also list where I found each piece and deals I may have gotten. Love your idea and will be sharing this not only on my blog www.proverbsliving.org, but on my column for QUITEmagazine www.quitemagazine.com/quitefabulous.html. Thank you for "getting your modest on!"

    God Bless
    Jessica @ Proverbs Living

  15. ha ha, this is great! Especially the dickie!! Hope to participate sometime soon :)

  16. Stopping by from Curious Sprinkles :) who linked to you!

    Oh my, I LOVE this idea! Modesty is SO fashionable and just so much more attractive! My son will be 5 months this week, so we will see if I can't work in a post about this, but i love sharing this idea, so even if I don't participate I will surely promote it!



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