Tuesday, January 8, 2013

turtleneck tuesday?

there are no turtlenecks in this actual post. but i thought perhaps we could say, we're wearing turtlenecks of the heart when we choose to be modest?
no? #tooweird?
ok. whatever...just enjoy this trends while being modest and super cute.
and what i love about the trends now is that it's all about mixing up patterns and colors you wouldn't normally think about. it's probably already in your closet. get crazy while being modest, ladies. pray.about.it.

(banana republic)
bright pants.

leopard shoes with polka dots. H-yes.

 pattern mixing.

and pattern matching.
no rules.

oh hey girl. your top button is buttoned.
but you left your sleeves unbuttoned? ahhhhh ya.
i like.