Tuesday, December 11, 2012

homemade christmas: hair clips

i mean, you guys have like one million gifts to give. i feel like we should all just call it even and not get gifts for each other. instead we could be like, you're welcome. i didn't stress you out by making you walk aimlessly through the isles at target.

but this is neither here nor there. it's too late to get idealistic... you have to get gifts at this point. well, this is super cute for your little nieces. or your little girl's friends. perhaps even a gift topper if you're an over achiever?

anyways, go to the dollar store and grab some super cute clips. 10 for $1!  or bobby pins. pick up super glue while you're there. hot glue is not your friend on this project... your buttons will pop right off. then steal some buttons off your kids clothes or perhaps brush up against someone at the post office and grab a button or two.
there's also the option of actually buying buttons at your local craft store.

lit-ra-lee the easiest project ever. glue buttons to each other and glue them to the clip.

i used a whole punch to create a little hole through the paper so the clip could slip in there easily.

you can stamp the name on the card stock for a little extra pizazz. and boom! cute festival. for less than a dollar for each little gift. deal with that in your heart.

i posted more frugal gift ideas here last year. hope they help!