Friday, November 16, 2012

resources for parents

here are some books i recommend an absurd amount of times to anyone who asks and even those who don't. you're welcome, lady at target.

if you feel like you're parenting a bit unintentionally, it might be time to pray about getting more thoughtful in this area. for me, that's difficult...i like to just wake up and do the day with no direction. for some of you, reading that last sentence stresses you out. but i am right brained to the max! so i really need help in the direction area.

anyway, these resources are our favorites in this neck of the woods. and i have benefitted greatly from them. i'd like to say my kids have too, but check back in with me when they're 16. hopefully this blog will be around long enough for my kids to look back on and say, least my mom tried. or something. even though i'm sitting in my room ignoring her. reading old blog posts.
ok, in my dreams. they're totally texting their crushes, instead.

on that note, here is a list of must haves for parents.

shepherding a child's heart by ted tripp
if you're a parent. if you want to be a parent. read this. a completely gospel centered approach to parenting that is NOT about behavior modification. you want your kids to have lasting heart change, not follow rules because it pleases you. game changer, this book.

you know we love music around here. i love seeds of worship CD's for kids. it's straight up God's word put to music and it's not terribly cheesy like most stuff you'll find. it's adults singing, not a chorus of children. praise the Lord for that.

if there's one thing that you should get for your kids, it's a bible. the jesus story book bible, by sally lloyd jones makes cry most of the time when i read it to the kids. everything points back to's pretty incredible. the artwork is awesome too.

and in that same vein, thoughts that make your heart sing also by sally lloyd jones is also a great resource. don't be alarmed when you find yourself learning more than your kids.

if your family gets your kids 800 gifts for christmas, maybe ask for any of these instead!