Tuesday, November 20, 2012

my sister, the eyewear model.


meet my sister, audrey. we look nothing alike which only furthers my assumption that i'm adopted and no one has the guts to tell me.
(mom. dad. now's your chance!)
she's my best friend and we often yell at each other in high stress situations and say things we've been meaning to say for a while. it's a team building experience when we're shooting weddings or decorating our mother's house.

she's modeling these glasses for firmoo. remember i told you about them? your first pair of glasses are free--you just pay shipping. i love a good bargain and this eye glass site does not disappoint for quality and inexpensive. because trends change and so does your prescription. omg, that should be a company motto.

anyway, they're hosting a little nerdy eye wear situation and sent audrey these glasses. how cute is she? too bad her cheekbones are awesome. and too bad she looks more hot than nerdy. but whatever. why is this dog here? these are questions we'll know the answer to NEVER.

frankly, i think the eyeglass world is missing out on the pet nichè if you ask me. this could possibly make millions. hank is famous now.

thanks, firmoo for the glasses. nato still rocks his and loves them dearly.