Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ads and stuff.

hey guys,

i don't know if you've noticed that i have a sponsor section on the sidebar? look. just look at it.
they are kind of large. ha! weird, huh? also when i first put the little sponsor sidebar, i spelled it with an ER at the end. it was a very classy situation. until someone told me i spelled it wrong. i'm all, it's a free country! and then i changed it promptly.

but anyway, i didn't want to take up too much visual space over there with a bunch of small ads. and you'll notice there's only 3 or 4 advertisers. again, if you're going to be on my sidebar, i want people to see you. sometimes i get overstimulated on blogs. i'm not saying i'll never do this or that, but i'm saying for now, this feels right for me. it took me a long time to put advertisers on my blog. ok it took me some years... and i'm a pretty decisive person!
so with much thought, i present to you some advertising space.  over there.
how's that for professional?

if you are interested, please email me. jami nato @ gmail .com

i only do one size. the giant size. $80/for one month. 'cuz, i'm the boss of this site. and stuff.