Thursday, October 25, 2012

throw some clothes on thursday

modest monday.
wear clothes wednesday.
and now, i present to you...throw some clothes on thursday.

just keeping you all on your toes.

GAP, you are doing me right with the boyfriend jean and the blazer.

here's a cheaper version:
this one could work!
just roll up the sleeves. $16 at walmart

look ma, no cleavage! , says the sweater over the collard shirt.


here's a cheaper version of the skinny cord. available for $22 in many different colors at target!

turtlenecks are actually in this season. oh, you don't believe me. my good friend, JCREW begs to differ.
no dickies, though. don't try and sneak the faux turtleneck back into this decade.

i'd probably go for more of a flat on the leopard trend. $19


 i am enjoying the top button buttoned. why? i don't know. and will i be confident enough to do it? maybe. i'll test it out at church. those people are always so forgiving.
why did i laugh at that?

these are a cheaper version of jcrew's. found at target.

anyway, i would, however, rock a sweater with a dog on it any old day of the week.

walmart has some cute pencil skirts.

 and if all fails. put a jacket on it. even if your outfit is a t-shirt and yoga pants, a great fitted jacket spruces you up in a jiff.


this is more afordable at forever21. $42

this concludes the friendly reminder that you can be fashionable, frugal and modest at the same time.
you can read more about modesty here, players.