Wednesday, October 31, 2012

do you wear glasses?

i don't wear glasses. i have perfect vision. before you get jealous, know that my teeth are terrible. braces for 6 years. missing teeth. oral surgeries. crowns. bridges. caps. titanium. it's all in my mouth. BOOM!

back to glasses!

firmoo sent my husband a pair of glasses...of his choice...and asked us to review them. and i'm not going to lie to you guys, because it's not my jam. the truth is, nato loves them. they are adorable and impressive that they could get his super crazy prescription right on the money.

and they are cheap-o-la. not the quality, just the price. i'm not kidding when i say were looking at $500 for nato's frame and lenses from several places we checked around town.

not at firmoo. your first pair of glasses is FREE when you use this link.  and then you just pay shipping.

these are the glasses we chose

oh, tortoise. you always do us right. 

if i needed glasses i would either of these
or maybe these.

anyway, may i present to you. my husband being a weirdo, modeling his glasses. you're welcome, world.

who taught you such faces? 

well anyway, you can go pick your choice of frames out of 300. deal with it. and may i repeat, your first pair is free and all you pay is shipping. boom.

thanks firmoo! you guys are so great.

*firmoo gave us free glasses. but these opinions are my own.