Tuesday, October 23, 2012


hey bloggers,

i've written about attaining followers before. but ann voskamp laid the smack down today in her A prayer for Bloggers post.

and i agree 200%. my prayer is that everyone would abandon writing for others instead of writing for Him. and that everyone would stop pursuing followers and pursue God.

gosh, just write what God's doing in your heart. his huge Story working out in your small story never ever gets old.


A Prayer for Bloggers

I am no longer my own blogger, but Yours.
Refine me with each post how You will, rank me how You will.
Put me to service, put me to suffering.
Let me be a follower — instead of seeking followers
Let me post for You —  or be put aside for You,
Lifted high, only for You, or brought low, all for You.
Do with me and each post whatever You will, because You alone know best.
Let me not strive but submit
Let me not compete but care
Let me not desire hits but holiness
Let my blog be full of You, and let it be empty of me.
Let me crave all things of You, let me care nothing of this world.
Let my words be focus only on the greatest of audiences: You.
And You are enough.
May I write not for subscribers… but only for Your smile.
May my daily affirmation be in the surety of my atonement not the size of my audience.
May my identity be in the innumerable graces of Christ, never, God forbid, the numbers of my comments.
May the only words that matter in my life not be the ones I write on a screen — but the ones I live with my skin.
I freely and heartily yield every sentence, every title, every post, every comment… or no comments… all to Your pleasure and perfect will.
My only fame is that I bear your name
My only glory is the gift of Your Grace
My only readership, Your eyes that seek to and fro to find
Make this so. Lord…
Yawhew, you alone are my God, not Google
Jesus, you alone are my Savior, not sitemeters
And Holy Spirit, you alone are my Comforter, not comments
So be it, today, yesterday, and every post to come.
O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
thou art mine, and I am thine.
This is my prayer I have made on earth, over thie keyboard…
let it be ratified in heaven.
In Jesus’ Name…. Amen.
--ann voscamp


  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing this!!! I feel like my blog is in a transition, and I fear I don't show my faith enough.

    1. well i mean, if you started reading my blog from start to finish, i wasn't always talking about my faith like this. we all grow and change as a person. and that's ok.

  2. Love this. Just read it there, and it's nice to read it again here.

  3. Anything apart from Him, is in vain.
    This was a great reminder for this blogger.
    I blog for Him.
    Afterall, HE gave me my blog.
    HE can take it away, too.

  4. love this. thanks for sharing it :)

  5. I read your blog and love it, and I love what you have to say about marriage and God and faith. However, it does seem to me like the bloggers who say "you shouldn't care about followers" have a lot of followers and tons of comments. I completely agree that it's my selfishness and humanness that looks for worldly praise, and I do only want to find my worth in Jesus. But it's hard to NOT want to have a lot of followers, and as someone who doesn't have a large following or lots of comments, it's frustrating to be told to not care about followers from someone who has a lot of followers. That's all. Totally not trying to be THAT person. Just wanted to add my two cents in a (hopefully) non aggressive or mean way. I guess that's the point, though. I guess this should become my prayer too!

    1. you know, it is a touchy subject. i'm not sure why i have a lot of followers except that God made it so, but regardless of people that follow this blog, i have a platform with a following to tell other bloggers that Jesus is your only hope. and also, as a blogger with a larger following, i can say...it's not what i wake up for. it doesn't do anything for me. you'll race to get here and it won't be enough for you. there's only one thing that is enough and that's finding your approval in Him. if you chase comments and followers it will disappoint you and you'll want more.

  6. Um... huge amen to this. That is all.

  7. Yes ma'am. So often I feel like I'm standing out in the cold in the blog world completely naked because I'm trying to give God the glory for what I make, do, everything, yet my flesh does struggle. I know his Kingdom work is more important than my latest fashion post and I'm constantly reminding myself to seek Jesus NOW! Thanks for reposting this and for how YOU have laid the smack down before on your blog. Each and every time I say "Thank God for Jami and this accountability!"

    1. dude, if you love fashion and it makes you feel creative, that honors God just as much as any artist. sometimes posts loudly proclaim the gospel and sometimes they just whisper. either way is needed. i tend to be a little more on the abrasive side. ha. but seriously... :)

  8. Well hello. Someone turned me onto your blog...wait that sounded wrong. Anyhoo you're funny and I need funny. This prayer was spot on. I stopped caring a bit ago about numbers and it freed me. I still have to revisit my motives every now and then but that's a good thing.

  9. I agree, I'm not a famous blogger with lots of followers but I love to write what Jesus has and is doing in my life.

    1. dude i'm not famous either. and i'm not sure why people follow me. because i'm weird.

  10. I have had this copied on my desktop for SO LONG! It is there every time I sit down to get online...whether blog or email or whatever...great words by an incredible woman!

    1. oh, good idea. i need to do that. smart chicken.

  11. THAT'S IT! oh how i needed to read that today.

  12. I totally read this today and LOVED it. So glad you reposted it!

  13. yes yes. so glad you shared this! xo

  14. great reminder...
    i feel like God has been hinting to me about this for a while now.
    i feel like i am heeding it too.
    He's showing me more of Himself every single day... and it's easy to write about...
    b/c i genuinely WANT to share my story.
    i WANT to share His goodness and mercies with everyone.
    i don't deserve His goodness... but He gives it to me anyway.
    and THAT'S why i NEED to share!!!
    thanks for posting this!

    1. glad you're hearing God's voice and heeding his call. the call of obedience is good and often times very difficult.

  15. Wow, quite the smack. But a much needed one when sometimes I feel like I don't matter in blog land, and sometimes I fear sharing more of Jesus because I don't want to lose followers or cause people to not want to read. Thank you for sharing this!

  16. I by no means have a large "following", ha!! 10 I believe. :) And every once in a while this little lie tries to creep in that I need more, want more, and it completely steals the joy away from blogging. These reminders bring me back to why I love to blog... because I want to record our story. For my kids & for our family... if the Lord chooses to bring others along, go for it, but if not, then not! We can't let the lies of comparison steal our joy and our confidence in our own stories.

  17. numbers, followers, etc, used to consume me, and i do from time to time need a check, but I have found so much peace and freedom in knowing that He directs my traffic and He will bring whom He will to my little space here.
    i just pray that it honors Him in every way.
    even if that means losing followers because of His Truth.

  18. I've read several different posts on this topic this week. I'm so aware of my pride and my desire for significance. It has been a funny irony that the bloggers writing about this topic have been the ones with 1000+ followers. It could be easy for me to become indignant and whiney OR I can remember the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30) where each person was given a different size gift to use, invest, and grow to the glory of God. Instead of being a comparison queen about who has how many followers or responsibilities, I hope to be faithful with what Jesus has asked me to do at this point...in my family, in my blog, in my ministry, etc.

    Good word, Jami. Thanks for humbly using your talents for His glory.

    P.S. Remember me from Emporia? We only talked a few times.

  19. man I love you. spot on. it's ALL for Him. and His glory.

  20. I love this, thanks for Sharing!!! All the Glory is for HIM and only HIM.

  21. Love this. Thanks for sharing this!!!! All the glory is for HIM and only HIM.

  22. I really really needed this bost, thank you so much for sharing this. This definitely helped me to put things back in perspective and takes the pressure off to have to be "someone" in the blog world. I want to be HIS and HIS alone.

    XOXO Nicole


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