Tuesday, September 25, 2012

love. this. company.

do you know about noonday?

it's a jewelry company where every product has an amazing story behind them. for instance, The Ancient Ways Necklace comes from Ethiopia is made out metals recycled from previous war weapons. The men and women making these pieces are afflicted with HIV/AIDS - due to lack of education they moved to a mountain where they thought they'd be cured. A group of people saw their plight and taught them to be skilled artisans, generating an income for themselves. It's a powerful redemption story.  and you know i'm all about powerful redemption stories!

And these earrings are Handmade by a fair trade artisan group in India that creates avenues of employment for the economically disadvantaged.

um, gorgeous. 

as we approach a more thoughtful christmas this year, i love that this is such a great way to give a gift while giving something that goes far beyond jewelry or earrings. 

what a great company.  

thanks ashley, for the fun jewelry. stay tuned in december and we'll do a giveaway just in time for christmas!

and thanks lila for being my model. 

neither lila nor i have pierced ears, so i am venturing out to find those conversion clip on things that allows you to look like you have pierced ears. is that so nerdy? i don't know...but it's worth a try for the cuteness factor of those earrings!
this is the slept in t-shirt look, with an accidental rolled shoulder. and non-styled hair. it's all the rage in europe.