Thursday, August 9, 2012

i extroverted myself and went to the lake.

there are few times i come out of my cave to interact with other humans that we call "friends". i am living in a house full of extroverts, fortunately for my sanctification. yes!
i must do things that make me uncomfortable. like, trips on winding roads to a body of water filled with poop and loogies.

anyway, this particular lake house is not roughing it at all. but it's just the thought of a trip. i never sleep well and one of the kids always decides to get sick or not sleep or run away into the forest and get eaten by a Sasquatch.

the first time i went to this lake house...years ago...i got very sick on the winding roads. layne threw up in the car like 10 times and then proceeded to not sleep the rest of the weekend. i was miserable.

this time, i took dramamine. but i didn't think about lila...who has thrown up on the swing outside our house before. so, as we continued down the winding roads, lila starts crying, is pale, and projectile vomits.
(swimmer diapers not needed at the lake. duh.)

(lila, the sassafras, dominated the lake.)

like as i write that, i feel like i'm on a sailboat about to vomit. deep breaths. deep breaths.

the good thing is, everyone had fun. i even had fun. which is a strange feeling when i'm out of my comfort zone. i was like, this is nice. why am i so uptight? why do i always have to be crafting or decorating or getting my mustache waxed to have fun? there is a world of dead fish and bacterial infection water to explore!

now don't worry, i never once put my swim suit on. please. we need to take baby steps here. but the fact that i went, and didn't throw up, was a really great first step into adventurism. that word didn't get spell checked, so i'm thinking it's a real word.

(lindsay was gangster on one ski)

but the kids had so much fun. nato did too. he kept looking over at me and laughing knowing that i was doing this for him and the kids.

he didn't once try to throw me in, even though it took everything in him not to. because he knows he would pay the price by shooing me away from lake life forever. and ever. would that be such a bad thing? no. no, not really.

 but this is neither here nor there. because on the way home layne said, wasn't that the best vacation ever?! 
yes, layne. yes it was, i said...only halfway lying while a lone tear of happiness rolled down my cheek ever so gently as we headed back home.

this picture makes me laugh because matthew is posing with his coffee and not watching nato wake board. boat safety at it's finest.

nato bit it shortly after that.

and here again, the neglecting is obvious. is he even steering the boat? glad you were having fun!

here's lindsay shaving in the lake water. it's a classy situation. i mean, people do this. and then everyone gets to swim around in their shavings.

call me crazy.

and lastly, remember when you didn't have kids and you treated your dogs like a true human child? yes, we did this too.
here is a dog with a life jacket on. enjoy. i was kind of a creeper when i took this picture. sorry.

after all that extroverting, i shall hermit for 3 to 6 months. don't be alarmed!


  1. Oh, but the joy on the faces...
    That has to make it all worth while.. : )
    Thanks for sharing, (& we have a lake house & you are welcome any time :)

  2. Great pictures! Love the one of Lila wrapped in a towel and the one of her smiling on the boat. I just love her joyful expression. So precious!

  3. looks like the lake of the ozarks where we are headed for labor day. i too find lakes to be totally disgusting. give me a pool anyday, but not a lake. glad you and your fam had fun. your pics are great also!

  4. The shaving part put me over the edge. This is why I only go in chlorinated pools.

  5. Thanks for opening this post with a confession about you being an extreme INTROVERT. Love, your pal the extreme EXTROVERT.

  6. YOU CRACK ME UP! I think you're really an introvert in an extroverts shell...waiting to bust loose! Glad y'all went...and had a little bit of fun. I'm with you on the germy nasty lake though...i have those same feelings!

  7. I laughed so hard through this whole post! Is this at the lake of the ozarks? My sis in law has a house there

  8. oh dear jami.
    i never leave your blog without a smile.
    you are a blessing. :)
    glad you survived.

  9. All of it was FUNNY. But the creeper photo was the best!!! Happy you made it home alive. :)

  10. I'm newish to your blog and am enjoying it a lot. This post made me laugh. I could kinda relate. Well, actually, you made me feel very extravertish. You left out the part about the water moccasins. Do you have those where ever you are? Hopefully not. We have them here in texas and apparently they like to mate in large groups traveling around the lake in a huge ball of snakish passion. And if they see you they will swim toward you. All of them. They are very aggressive and another very good reason to avoid lake water. Especially in Texas. Ick.

  11. I have like 90 comments about this.

    1. Your pictures are GORGEOUS. You are just so good.
    2. My friends and I totally shaved out legs down at the lake on church retreats. DISGUSTING. We also skinny dipped.

    Ok so it was just two comments. But seriously, I want to live in your camera.

  12. Ever since I found your blog I have thought we could be friends (you know, if we met)...but this post made me decide once and for all that you and I are pretty much the same. I laughed out loud when I read your comments about why you don't like lakes because that is what I think EVERY TIME! I don't think I'll ever understand why people are anxious to be covered in lake junk. Anyway, I'm not sure if this bodes well for me or poorly for you. Either way, thanks for the fun, as always!

  13. you make me laugh. actually, the mustache waxing part made diet coke come out of my nose. bad timing, i guess. anyway, i loved that you went on this adventure and i'm proud of you! :) And, I wanted to send you my most sincere sorries b/c I haven't written you like I said I would. Both my kids got sick and then I did. But, I still plan to. don't mean to leave you hanging...promise. didn't know you were an introvert...wouldn't have asked you to call me. ha ha! ;) blessings, cat (

  14. you sound just like me...i want to do that "fun" stuff, but then it freaks me out too...maybe i should be drugged first. just an idea..

  15. you are not allowed to be a hermit! You must venture South! We miss you!

    Love you

  16. So many amazing things about this. The pic of Lila and Annie. Someone frame it please. Lindsay shaving in the lake...sick. I'm with you jami, I would be happy to go and get a really good tan. I try not to swim in any body of water where fish could touch me. Glad y'all had fun!

  17. Wow, I never would have thought you were an introvert. You hide it so well!

    I totally sympathize with your feelings of dread in anticipation of anything social, and then I usually end up having a great time. I feel like God has been working on my need for control a lot lately too. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Good job mama. I'm proud of you. I'm definitely in the middle about lakes - I find them utterly disgusting but I always end up having fun when I'm there. :) GREAT photos, awesome memories. :) And can I be embarrassed for the dog lady? Seriously.

  19. I think every single word on this post I could agree with. Haha. We introverts should start a club. But, we'll just stand back and silently nod in agreement instead. :]

  20. I just laughed so hard I cried About the shaving. Like Scott had to tell me to be quiet.

  21. SO FUN! happy wonderful memories are always made at lakes... especially with fab boat safety. my brother never seems to watch me when he is driving the boat..
    his main goal in life is to be a crazy boat driver and make me fall... mean. And lake shaving... i do it to... haha. it is pretty nasty. lol

  22. oh my word you are hilarious.
    i am moving to kc so i can get that hilariousness in person.
    we were at the lake this wknd too. totally grosses me out..
    also, happy 22nd birthday today!!

  23. Jamie,
    Just read this today ... SO needed the laughter and smile that radiates from your posts today in the midst of a rough week.

    Thank you for being open, honest and loving in such a stand up comedy kind of way.

    Love it!!

  24. And ignore the 'e' I gave you in your name. Or keep it if you'd like ... see rough week ;).

  25. way to take one for the team. #hermit

    can we talk about penelope's prom updo for a second?

  26. it's scary crazy how similar we are when it comes to our solitude. i'm a 'homey' person (not to be mistaken for 'homie'- which is an entire different story) - i love to be at home and get things done here because you know what? there's alot that needs to get done and i'm the one to do it. i don't know when this happend.. i think it was about the time when i looked at my calender and noticed how i had like 7 different play dates in one week and yet my house was a mess. like HOT mess.

    don't get me wrong, it's still a mess. but now it's by choice :)


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