Monday, July 16, 2012

modest monday

i thought we could all link up pictures of us wearing turtle necks.
dickies also count.
also pictures of you wearing those full body jammies. wait, someone might get the wrong idea with those.

ok, i'm only kidding. although, that might be hilar.

ANYWAYS, lest you think that you can't be cute and covered, a reader sent me this website called clothed much.  and i adore it. are you serious? so cute. i feel inspired.

and you all know i love shade clothing. they are having a big sale. seriously, shop the sale section. it is cheaper than target. their tank tops have a little bit higher of a neckline and are much longer than normal ones. my sister used to ask me if i had no feeling in my butt crack because i never knew it was hanging out. now that i found shade, i'm a recovering butt crack flasher. i feel like what i said was kind of gross but i'm going to leave it in there for kicks.

this concludes modest monday. no, i won't always be talking about modesty all the time. no, i don't have all the answers. yes, i am still wearing my pajamas and it's 4pm.

now be free on the interwebz to shop (wisely)!