Saturday, July 14, 2012

layne and mommy. adventurers.

layne and i went on a trip together. just me and him.
i feel like i don't really get a lot of quality time with that guy these days. with having a baby and a child with special needs, sometimes layne gets pushed out of the way because he's pretty independent and doesn't need much. so with me at least, i feel like the squeakiest wheel gets the oil...or some cliché like that.

so i wanted to see my bestie in texas because she just moved there. and she has a million kids so i knew layne would have fun. plus emily and i were building our eyebrow model portfolio and we needed some sweet shots to build our career upon.

i met emily in high school and then we went to college together in this super small town in kansas. we didn't have much to do, but emily was a dancer on the dance team and i would go to the games or whatever and make fun of her. afterwards we would go people watch on our front porch. both of us have fallen down the steps on that  front porch and our other best friend was chased by a pitbul up the steps after it bit her back pack off. so basically,  it holds very good memories.

anyways, the trip was so fun. we went to IKEA. i took their family pictures.

we hung out. we had good conversations. and we cried sometimes. but it was fun and much needed. i felt inspired by emily to organize my shiz. she's an organizational genius. much like my sister, audrey.

so i was all, i need to organize things! when i came home. but then i got distracted and painted some stencil patterns on a wall instead. i'll show you the finished product sometime next week. i have to do the entire wall. what? the problem with missing a piece in your brain(math, organizing, chemistry, exact measurements, common sense, etc.), is that i just don't get it.  i really love organization. i love the way it feels and looks. but when it comes down to it, i feel super overwhelmed by thinking about organizing things. like my hoarder basement. or my pantry. or my shoes. or just anything. ever. in life.

father forgive me, for i have sinned.
it's terrible in my basement. i always tell the cable guy or whoever has to go down to the abyss, listen. we're good people. the basement will scare you because i'm a basement hoarder. but i'll give you some sweet tea if you don't tell anyone what you saw down there. 

all that to say, i had fun on the trip. even though i'm a hermit. it was good to get out and spend time with my buddy. he was an absolute joy to travel with and he made me laugh a ton. i forgot what it feels like to have just one. to study their face. to have good conversations that are really focused. to make him feel special. i resolved to take this mentality back with me and use it as often as i can. like i say, i'm often distracted but perhaps the Lord will work a miracle in my heart. mmmm hmmmm.

alrighty. well. bunch of random. i'm waiting for my younger sister to have a baby and we're just sitting here laughing at each other and i'm trying to stay focused but it's like a greek festival in her room. so ya, "what do we have to get some water breakage in here?" as my dad affectionately just said.